Titus FTM frames are available now!!!



The FTM is an efficient pedaller thanks to its “fully active” Horst link suspension design. A critical distinction with the Titus suspension design is that it forgoes the all-too-common rocker approach to the horst design. Many companies use a rocker to mate the rear triangle to the seat tube. Titus instead uses a strut-style Horst link design, replacing the traditional rockers with an ultralight one-piece compression molded carbon fiber X-Link. Since it uses the shock as part of the frame, this is perhaps the simplest “fully active” suspension design available — ideal for muddy areas. And the absence of rockers naturally reduces the overall weight of the frame.

“The FTM is a Near-Perfect Evolution of the Trail Bike – By Bike Mag after testing on the new Titus FTM

“The FTM falls into the same riding category as the Motolite, and the Motolite is a bike we have recommended for years, so comparisons are inevitable. We can tell you right now, the FTM is totally different from the Motolite in both appearance and performance” – Reviews on FTM given by Mountain Bike Action

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