Good news for Titus Fans!!!


Crank Brothers have reinvented the wheel! With their latest design, they started from a blank sheet of paper to come up with the most innovative wheel ever. The design of the new Crank Brothers Cobalt Wheelset eliminates the need to drill any holes in the rim, replacing them instead with a unique extruded internal/external radial centre rib. The un-drilled rim is a lot stronger and is also inherently suitable for tubeless tyres.

Spokes are attached to this central rib section in matched pairs to more evenly distribute the tension from each spoke and allow for easier truing, which can be done with a standard spoke key. The aluminium freehub body on the rear hub features 6 pawls in two sets of 3 engaging 48 times every wheel revolution to ensure near instantaneous pickup. The hubs also feature oversize cartridge bearings on an ovesized axle for strength with light weight.


Titus riders you can now get a pair of the wheelset to match your frame. The wheelset are now available in Iodine Orange, Iodine Iron, Cobalt Champagne, and Cobalt Blue. Grab it fast while stocks last… 😛

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