Ian Bike Check

Ian just built a Pivot Mach 4 bike up today and I was so lucky to be around to take some shots of it. The black/red color theme is definitely one of the really cool looking bike. Even Melvin is also falling in love with his bike…

  • Frame: 2010 Piovt Mach 4, M, Anodized Black
  • Fork: 2010 Manitou R7 MRD Carbon Fork
  • Groupset: XTR Groupset with XT Crank/Shifter
  • Wheel: XTR Hubs + Wheelsmith Spoke + Sun Ringle EQ23
  • Stem: Race Kore
  • Bar: Answer Protaper Bar, Red
  • Grip: Answer Fall Line XC Grip
  • Seat: Kore Seat
  • Seatpost: Kore Carbon I-beam Seatpost
  • Pedal: Answer Rove FR Pedal, Red
  • Chain: KMC Chain, Gold

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