FTM and El Guapo star in Buyer’s Guide of Biblical Proportions!

The Bike Magazine “Bible of Bike Tests” has hit the newsstands and Titus was fortunate enough to be included in this all encompassing buyers guide where the products are actually tested and it’s not just a tiny picture with a list of specs.  This buyers guide has teeth and will provide a real value.  Bike took a brand-new 2010 FTM Carbon and 2010 El Guapo up to Whistler for some hard core flogging and in the end, both bikes passed their respective tests with flying colors.  Bike named the FTM Carbon their “Most improved” trail bike for 2010, which is quite a compliment since the major  flaws of their 2009 FTM test was its lack of a QR seat collar!  The bottom line was that the FTM Carbon was “Light, stiff and ridiculously fun”.  Just like the FTM, the El Guapo “impressed all of our riders with its rock-solid handling”, and “no matter what the terrain, we couldn’t rattle this bike”…

2010 Titus FTM

2010 Titus El Guapo

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