Answer PRO Taper Handlebar shootout on Pink Bike

Choices: A Look At Seven Handlebars

The second installment of our look at cockpit controls brings us to handlebars. Some are wide and some are narrow, some are tall and some are some are short, but there are enough options out there that everyone should be able to find something that they like. Inside we’ll take a look at seven bars that span the gamut of sizes: the Atlas FR and SIXC carbon riser bar from Race Face, both Answer’s DH and AM ProTaper bars, a neat flat and wide option in Gravity’s 777, a sleeper fromBontrager with their Rhythm Pro, and Specialized’s 179 gram Enduro riser bar.

You may have caught the grip comparo a few weeks back that kicked off our three part series looking at cockpit components. While we certainly didn’t have every grip option out there as there are just so many, the choices we showed you spanned the range of thick and thin, or Lock-on and traditional. Below you’ll find much the same with the seven bars that we’re going to show you. There are a couple lightweight options that will also help lighten your wallet, along with some wide bars that will help widen your stance. The shape of a handlebar can greatly effect a bike’s personality. Too wide or two thin and there are bound to be some negative consequences. Likewise, picking a handlebar with the proper amount of rise and sweep that suits you and the riding you do is very important.

Answer Protaper DH Bar

  • Made from 7050-T series aluminum
  • 0.5″ low rise shown (1″ rise also available)
  • 780 mm/30.7″ width
  • 4° up sweep
  • 8° back sweep
  • 31.8 mm clamp diameter
  • 335 grams
  • Color options include white, red, gold, black

Just like it’s little brother, the ProTaper AM, the DH version shown above is available in four color choices and comes with the same comfortable 4° up sweep and 8° back sweep combination. Where the DH model differs is in the rise department with a nearly flat .5″ option on top of the standard 1″ rise that is common. Answer also tacked on over 2″ of width to stretch the DH out to a massive 30.7″. Again, at only $100 CAD it is hard to fault the ProTaper DH. Pick your favorite color and watch out for those tight trees!

Answer Protaper AM Bar

  • Made from 7050-T series aluminum
  • 2″ high rise shown (1″ rise also available)
  • 720 mm/28.3″ width
  • 4° up sweep
  • 8° back sweep
  • 31.8 mm clamp diameter
  • 320 grams
  • Color options include white, red, silver, black

A lot of riders will remember the ProTaper name, and for good reason. There was a time when the ProTaper bar was the go-to choice for loads of serious riders. The ProTaper name is back and in a few flavorings, one being the ProTaper AM version shown above. Total width is just over 28″ which will keep everyone but the trendiest kids or those with mega wide shoulders happy, and there are four color options to pick from. Above is the 2″ rise, but I can see a lot of riders preferring the lower 1″ option. Drawbacks? Certainly not a weight to brag about, although there should be no doubt that the ProTaper is as solid as they come. The ProTaper AM should be a great bar for the money.

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