Titus 2010

The new 2010 Titus Frames – Fireline Ti, El Guapo, and FTM are now available. Click on”Titus Cycles” under Products link for all the specs and features of these frames.

Titus Fireline Ti
All new for 2010! This titanium frame is almost to beautiful to ride, just look at, it’s gorgeous! What really makes this frame special is the hydroformed front triangle. Using this process Titus was able to make complex shapes that increase stiffness and strength without adding weight. Out back the convertible dropouts allow for changes from geared to single-speed drivetrain with ease.

Titus FTM
The FTM is a lightweight trail and all mountain bike that does not sacrifice stiffness or performance, with it’s reliable and efficient Horst Link supension system.

Titus El Guapo
Lighter and more nimble than most dedicated big-drop, big-hit bikes, the new El Guapo all mountain bike is a whole lot more plush than the fast-twitch behavior of XC oriented bikes. The bike will allow you to climb easier and descend faster. The El Guapo can easily be built up under 30 pounds and ridden as a supremely confidence inspiring trail bike. With a slightly more heavy duty parts kit, it is very capable of running with the big dogs in chairlift country.

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