Preparation of the Polish Champion

Before us, the first Polish Cup and the final preparations for the main event of the season. Reaffirmed its willingness among the top players, so the current Polish Champion DH, Michael Plum teamowy and his colleague, Jonah Rożdżyński. On this occasion we want to present you their machinery and reveal a few details of their previous preparation. Michael occur this season on the new Trek Session 88 frame, while Jonah change your existing hardware on the frame Blinside Transition. Both players will have the pleasure to test the latest copies of the Manitou Dorado DH, which will receive the 2nd edition of the Polish Cup. They fall into the hands of the latest Prime Hayes brakes, which players are to receive half of the season.

Both players have worked hard for the winter season, making a similar strength training, and coaching for motocross or console:) The main goal of players for this season are racing in the Polish Cup and selected editions of the World Cup – depending on Finance will include: Maribor, Champéry and Leogang.

Jonah “Jonek” Rożdżyński: “Through the winter preparing for the season. This year, much has changed in my hardware. I went to the Transition Blindside frame suspended Answer Manitou and accessories. Hayes’y remain unchanged as well we run on them last season. For the last week I ride on new hardware and slowly entering a new bicycle, which writes down very well. “

Michael Sliwa: “Preparing the winter passed without any problem, and according to plan. It’s 1910 season and as usual, are gearing up changes: The new Trek Session 88 bike, Manitou Dorado, Answer components, brakes unchanged Stroker Ace, San Marco saddle. The equipment operates without problem, see you in the Vistula, and I hope that the World Cup. ”

Here are the photos recently made a bike with the latest accessories. Bike Weight ranges from 17-18kg.

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