Pivot’s Phoenix Downhill Introduction

Pivot released its first pro-level downhill machine this weekend– at the Maribor World Cup and at Moab, Utah, a select group of media folks are test riding Pivot’s 2011 models. The Phoenix has a bit more than eight inches of wheel travel and sits low, at 13.6 inches at the BB. Suspension is the dw-link system and while the profile and engineering benefits from Dave Weagle’s very successful Iron Horse Sunday, its linkage rates and chassis design are quite advanced. Simple in profile, there is a lot going on in Pivot’s Phoenix DH…

Link: Tri-Ride.Com

The LEX / Pivot Cycles race team got their first runs on the new Pivot Phoenix Downhill bike this weekend in Maribor, Slovenia at the first downhill World Cup of the 2010 season. Mitch Delfs (AUS) lead the way for Pivot with a 15th place finish, a great result, especially considering that his new bike only arrived from the Munich airport by Quebec Express on Thursday afternoon…

“The new bike went sick. Only had a few days on it, so it was a bit of a learning process. I think it worked out well. It took the big hits sick, and the mud just rolled on through to a 15th. The run was great, I had a few stalls but it was hard not to, so I am pretty stoked to get down without crashing really. The track got so much slower as the mud dried up, it got really gluggy and sticky. It was a surprise track really.”

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