Fixed Gears From Focale 44 are here!

Proving that the fixed gear trend is most certainly international, French firm Focale 44 has released two more models to their bikes range. These fixed gear bikes – Full Moon (Black), Relax (Grey/Gold), Noble (Black/White) and Revolted (Red/Black) feature the stripped-down amenities that fixie fans adore – basic colors, simple handlebars and, of course, no brakes. The Focale 44 fixies come in two iterations, the first being a classic track bike layout with curved handle bars, the second being a street-minded commuter with a straight handle bar. These bikes are available now at our store, so what are you waiting for?

Full Moon is one of the newest modern/classic bike released by Focale 44 at affordable price range. Every Full Moon bike is delivered with brakes, freewheel and fixed sprocket. You can choose your riding style.

The Relax can be described as an “easy rider”, with a flat bar/stem combo and easy 42/16 gear ratio. The matt grey edition and gold finish give the bike a nice fancy with mixed modern-classical design frame and fork.

The plain black-white combination looks just great. The Noble is a little more serious, drop bars with grips on the lower section and a faster 46/16 gear ratio. The “Noble” is a perfect bike for those who like it clean.

Revolted is the one of the newest top notch modern/classic bike released by Focale 44 with Superstar revolte BMX stem, and narrow raised alloy handlebar.

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