Manitou R7 MRD Absolute Review at Bike Radar!

“Shockingly light, but still controlled enough for race days” – By Guy Kesteven

We ran a big review of this fork last month, and the good news is that this waif is still going strong.
Manitou’s R7 is the lightest fork in its class by a long way, making it an obvious race option. It corners and brakes predictably enough, once you get used to running wider through corners than with comparable forks.

The stroke is reasonably supple with no obvious spikes, and while the middle settings of the Absolute compression damping are best ignored, the full open, light platform (number 1 setting) and lockout notches all work fine.

The hardware quality and overall look of the fork are reassuringly high-class, and R7s have always been one of the more reliable Manitou forks.

Add in the reasonable price, and you’ve got a weight-watcher’s dream.

Weight (g): 1313g
Travel: 100mm
Spring Type: Air
Damping Adjustment: Compression, Rebound

Get yours today now at Tionghin!


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