Pivot Mach 4 / 429 received 2010 “Best of MTBR” awards!

MTBR.com Awards and Virtual Tradeshow Booth

The Mach 4.

The Mach 429!

We here at Pivot Cycles are stoked to let the world know our award-winning bikes are garnering yet more awards. Two of our bikes recently received “Best of MTBR” awards from MTBR.com.

Voted on by the riders that make up the large community over at MTBR.com, these awards are truly representative of what everyday mountain bike enthusiasts see as the best products. These are the people out there riding the bikes without any industry-insider influence, and their votes speak loudly.

The Mach 429 won in the category for best “29er Bike.” We’re very excited about this bike. It can go from the racecourse to the trail, and give up nothing in between. We’re amazed by the number of people being converted to full-suspension 29ers just so they can own a Mach 429.

In addition to being piloted by the 24-hour World Champion, Jason English, our best-selling Mach 4 was awarded best of category for “Full Suspension – XC” The Mach 4 has been updated for this year. In addition to a bunch of updates, the highlight is that we made it a 5/ 8ths of a pound lighter, yet stiffer for an even more efficient riding experience.

Speaking of industry insider influence. Interbike is the annual bicycle industry circus where all the new bikes, products and ideas are out on shiny happy display. It’s an industry-only event, which means the only way a consumer can get in is if he or she hassles their local bike shop long enough for the owner to throw down an entrance badge which happens more often than you might think.

Fortunately MTBR.com offers non-insiders and the humble types a good view of the new loot thanks to the Virtual Tradeshow Booths. You can find the Pivot Cycles booth here http://reviews.mtbr.com/interbike/pivot-cycles-interbike-2010-virtual- tradeshow-booth/ Every bike in our line is shown with great photography, and there’s also a good video of Chris Cocalis (Pivot Cycles owner/president) explaining each bike.

Head on over to get some good info and details on all our bikes!

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