Hayes Prime Brakes – Sea Otter 2010

Hayes was on hand showing off their newest brake, the Prime. An entirely new platform, the Prime features both reach and dead stroke adjustment. Inside you’ll find info, pictures, and a great video showing you the latest Hayes stopper

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Hayes uses their poppet cam technology to let the user adjust the dead stroke (otherwise known as bite point) easily and without tools. The poppet cam lets riders bring the bite point further out or closer to the bar depending on their preference simply by rotating the small aluminum lever 180 degrees. This combined with the anodized aluminum reach adjustment dial should allow every rider to find a lever position that they feel comfortable with.

Hayes Prime Model Options

Hayes Prime Pro

  • Tool free dead stroke adjustment
  • Four layer low expansion hose
  • Two piece floating rotor
  • Titanium/anodized aluminum hardware
  • Laser etched graphics
  • Titacon lever bushings
  • Sintered metallic pads as stock
  • Hose grommets as standard
  • Titanium pushrod
  • Premium finish and cosmetics

Hayes Prime Expert

  • Tool free dead stroke adjustment
  • Standard hose
  • Stamped stainless steel rotor
  • Aluminum/steel hardware
  • Pad printed graphics
  • Titacon lever bushings
  • Semi-metallic pads as stock
  • Hose grommets not stock
  • Steel pushrod
  • Standard finish

  • A new four layer low expansion hose tuned for the Prime’s high mechanical and hydraulic ratios.
  • New low noise and high Mu two-piece rotor. At 110 grams for the 6” version, it is also lighter.
  • Nickel plated, titanium and anodized aluminum fasteners resist corrosion and maintain the high-end finish.
  • New press fit Titacon CL 500 bushings are used in the master cylinder body.
  • A new two-piece design that allows the master cylinder to be removed without affecting other handlebar components

Look out for an upcoming test in the future! Available soon at Tionghin!!

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