Tionghin’s Mountain Bike Servicing Package

A mountain bike servicing will always be essential if you want to maintain your bike for maximum life and performance. A well maintained bike performs at its best and also ensures that your components last longer. All the training in the world won’t help if you get a mechanical fault in a big race, so limit those chances by being well prepared. We provide an overhaul bike service which involves stripping your bike down to the frame and its components.

Full Mountain Bike Service at $100 for hardtail and Full Mountain Bike Service at $120 for full suspension.

Overall process done during the overhaul of your bike,


  • Clean and lube internal bearings
  • Clean and lube internal freehub or spring/pawls mechanism
  • Clean entire wheelset
  • Alignment dishing of wheelset and spokes tension
  • Disassembly at first and assembly of tires and inner tubes in the end of process

Drive Train

  • Clean and lube chain
  • Clean and lube rear derailleur including Jockey wheels bearings and bushing
  • Clean and lube Cassette
  • Clean and lube front derailleur
  • Clean and lube Crank chainring and pedal thread
  • Clean and lube Bottom bracket bearings and shell

Disc Brakes

  • Clean and align piston of disc caliper
  • Clean and lub seals of caliper piston
  • Clean brake pads
  • Bleed brake system if necessary
  • Alignment of caliper to rotor
  • Dishing of rotor

V Brakes

  • Clean brake pads
  • Clean and lube V brake caliper and springs
  • Alignment of V brake to rim


  • Clean and lube fork seals external
  • Clean and lube headset bearings
  • Clean and lube bottom bracket treads
  • Full-sus frame will be stripped entirely and overhaul of pivot bearings to clean and lube


  • Clean and lube all necessary bolts and pivot points
  • Shifter internal mechanism will be clean and lube
  • Shifter inner cables will be clean with pressure and lube


  • Pedal bearings or bushing will be clean and lub
  • Torque level of bolts will be torque to specific manufacture specifications
  • Set up and assemble entire bike completely and ensuring safety by testing all necessary test on the bike to little details on all bearings and moving pivots on the bike!

*Please note all service charges are for labour only, and any parts required will be at additional cost.

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