Sun Ringle Black Flag Expert wheelset review at Bike Radar!

“Quality workhorse wheels for fast paced riders” – By Justin Loretz, What Mountain Bike

Sun-Ringle has licensed a version of Stan’s tubeless rim design with its tell-tale super low rim wall shape, which helps seat tubeless and tubeless-ready tyre beads faster and with less air pressure – a great beginning for a tubeless wheelset.

The airy looking 28-spoke wheels came pre-fitted with rim tapes to seal off the rim bed and, when combined with some Specialized tubeless-ready tyres and supplied Stan’s sealant and valves, they set up perfectly at the first time of trying.

At a shade over the 1725g a pair stated weight (10g) for our standard 9mm quick release models (QR15 and 20mm thru-axle front versions are available), the wheels are positioned to be solid cross-country hoops. Not the lightest, race bred type, but capable of being ridden day in day out and raced at the weekend.

The wheels also feel stiffer than the average 1500g wheels. Minimal lateral flex, especially from the front wheel, means that slow speed, full lock, downhill corners are a breeze.

Even after a 15mph broadside accident with an elm tree, the rear is still arrow straight. Riders who like to hit trails hard looking for air time opportunities but who also like to charge the climbs should consider the Black Flag Expert.

Sun-Ringle wants riders to be riding and not waiting for service, so should you cause the double butted Wheelsmith spokes or brass nipples any damage, all are standard, easily sourced options which can be had from your local bike shop.

The yellow graphics weren’t to all riders’ tastes but they’re easily removable.


  • Colors: Gold, Black
  • Bike Type: XC, Trail
  • Stan’s NoTubes™ BST Technology(w/Rim Tape)
  • 24mm Rim Width
  • 26″, 29er
  • Cartridge Bearing
  • Quick Release, QR15, 20mm Thru-Axle Front Axle
  • Quick Release Rear Axle
  • Wheelsmith Spokes
  • Wheelsmith Brass Nipples
  • 24/24 (28 / 28 for 29er) Hole Count
  • Cro-moly Skewers
  • 26″-1725g , 29er-1830g

Available in Limited stocks at Tionghin now! Grab fast..!

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