Sun Ringle Charger Pro AM Wheelset review at Bike Radar!

“A great performing wheelset combining light weight and impressive strength” – By Ric McLaughlin, Mountain Biking UK

The Charger AM wheels come in 24-hole guise and have a lean combined weight of 1,730g (780g front, 950g rear).

Sun Ringlé have grafted a pair of their cartridge bearing, straight-pull hubs onto a set of tough Stan’s NoTubes licensed rims, which offer up BST technology. BST gives a wider rim base for the tyre and aims to reduce pinch punctures.

They’re laced together with Wheelsmith double-butted spokes and red alloy nipples. They’re also available in a 29er option, along with QR15, 20mm and standard 9mm quick-release front fitments, and two rear axle width options.

The Chargers’ stiffness is instantly noticeable, especially on the rear. There’s no twang at all and, even when thumping them hard into tight berms, they stay taught. They impressed on their big-hit ability too and gobbled up root sections and drops.

Minor criticisms would be that, although the engagement is crisp, it’s maybe not as immediate as some of the Charger Pros’ competitors and the graphics now look pretty tatty.

They’re more than £100 cheaper than Mavic Crossmax SX wheels though. Don’t get hung up on the all-mountain tag either; we reckon the Charger Pros would work well on a lot of trail machines too.

Sun Ringle has produced some new tubeless compatible rims using the licensed Stan’s NoTube bead socket technology (BST). The new and very sweet looking Sun Ringle Chargers are available in either the Pro or Expert versions, in 26 and 29 inch sizes, and come in either black or white.

  • Colors: Black, White
  • Bike Type: All-Mountain
  • Stan’s No Tubes™ BST Technology (W/Rim Tape)
  • 28mm Rim Width
  • 26″, 29er
  • Premium, Cartridge Bearing, Straight-Pull Hubs
  • Quick Release, QR15, 20mm Thru-Axle Front Axle Options
  • Quick Release, 135×12, 142×12 Rear Axle Options
  • Wheelsmith Straight-Pull, Double-Butted Spokes
  • Wheelsmith Alloy Nipples
  • 24/24 (28/28 for 29er) Hole Count
  • Cro-moly skewers
  • 26″-1699g , 29er-1799g

Limited sets at Tionghin now!

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