Transition Bikes 2011 are here!!!

2011 Transition TR250
The TR250 borrows many great race proven characteristics from it’s sibling the TR450 to create a tight and responsive short travel DH bike that absolutely rips. Making the TR250 versatile was the top priority with adjustable chainstay length, travel, BB height and head angle, there is nothing on this bike you can’t tweak. The suspension features the same great progressive feel as the TR450 but offers adjustable travel settings for two distinct feels at 160 or 180mm depending on your mood. The TR250 is meant to be ridden hard and put away wet since it is extremely easy to maintain. This bike is built for riders that love DH style bikes but are looking for something more playful that is incredibly easy to throw around that can still rail down gnarly downhill lines.

2011 Transition Bank
The Bank hardtail is our new evolution, lightweight aluminum hartdail. Built to be fast and agile, the Bank is a very capable 4X or dual slalom race bike but also is a ton of fun on dirt jumps and pump tracks. The frame features a new custom formed top and down tube with integrated gusset which makes for a lighter and stronger front end. We’ve finished the frame off with a host of CNC’d machined parts to give it a very clean but unique look. The rear end features our very own CRAP (Concentric Rear Axle Positioning) system that we developed in-house. C.R.A.P. is a clean system that allows you to run a geared or singlespeed setup with a tidy looking dropout area. Run our Revolution wheelsets with 10mm thru-axle QR system for the ultimate in stiff and easily maintainable rear end.

2011 Transition Trail Or Park
The Trail-or-Park represents our goal to make a no compromise dirt jump/park hardtail with BMX inspired features. Made of lightweight 4130 seamless butted chromoly, internal headset and spanish BB, the Trail-or-Park has borrowed from years of BMX experience to make a bike that can stand up to constant abuse while creating the cleanest looking lines possible. At 5.6lbs the frame is extremely easy to move around with minimal effort and the chromoly tubing gives the bike a forgiving feel while remaining very responsive. We wanted the Trail-or-Park to be a bike you didn’t have to worry about ditching in the air without having the weight penalty. Over the years we have dialed in the perfect tube butting to shave weight while retaining stifness and durability. Geometry is designed to be versatile for dirt jumping, park and street riding since most of our hardtail customers ride all three. Super tight chainstays make this bike manual for days and the overall angles make this bike comfortable from the first pedal stroke.

2011 Transition Trans AM
Everybody will agree that riding hardtails will make you a better rider which is why almost everyone at Transition owns and rides their TransAM a ton. Designed to tame XC trails as well as aggressive all mountain lines, the TransAM begs for epic rides and quick rips after work. Throw in the ability to run singlespeed or gears and you have one of our most versatile bikes that will improve your bike handling skills dramatically. Getting back to the roots of mountain biking and actually feeling the trail is what all mountain hardtails mean to us.

Of course we choose 4130 butted chromoly for this frame as it gives you unsurpassed trail feel. The ability to accelerate and pedal with the ultimate responsiveness while eating up the vibrations of rough trails is just one of the many reasons steel is our only choice. We finish the frame off with an ED (Electronic Deposit) treatment that creates a rust proof surface on the inside of the frame so you and your TransAM will have a long and lasting relationship through dry times and wet times.

Available at Tionghin! While stock last!

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