2012 Titus Racer X Carbon 29er at Sea Otter Classic!

Titus has got a new Carbon 29er that they were showing at this year’s Sea Otter Classic.

Titus is now owned by Planet X/Orange distributed by Unique Sports Company in the United states. They will be establishing a dealer network in the near future but will also be looking into doing consumer direct purchases much like On One already does. Production is still in Oregon at SAPA for aluminum frames and China is used for the carbon models.

The Racer X 29 carbon was on the books at Titus before the sale but was never talked about publicly. The new owners went on with the project after the purchase of the company.

The Racer X 29 has internal cable routing, a tapered headtube, and utilizes a 135 mm rear end.

Sizing will be S, M, L to begin with and discussions of other sizes being figured out as well.

Titus is aiming for the pricing on the Racer X 29 in aluminum to be about $1,500 for the frame and the Carbon version they are shooting for $2,000. Final release dates are uncertain that this moment as they are still in the prototyping phase.

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