Transition Bikes 2011 are here again!!!

2011 Transition TR450
The TR450 is our dedicated downhill racing machine. Heavily researched and selected with direct input from the Transition Racing Team, this is an aggressive geo built for speed and stability. With a careful ratio between chainstay length and head angle, the frame has a neutral feel in corners with good rider weight balance between the front and rear wheels. The TR450 gets 8.25” of travel from a 9.5” x 3” shock placed low in the front triangle. The linkage was tuned to provide a gradual change from beginning to ending leverage rate. The suspension ramps up very evenly through the travel to give the bike a supple top stroke and good bottom out control without excessive sag or mid stroke wallow. This result is a consistent progressive suspension feel that is predictable and yields a high amount of tunability. We set out to make the cleanest looking DH bike on the market that could be ridden hard and put away wet while being a dependable top level race bike you can trust.

2011 Transition Double
It is no surprise that short travel full suspension bikes are some of the funnest and most versatile bikes to ride and our Double is no exception. Originally built as a full suspension dirt jumping bike we soon found that it excelled as a short travel slopestyle bike as well as racing dual slalom courses. Casey Groves rode his Double to 3rd place at Whistler Crankworx, Jill Kintner took 1st in dual slalom at Sea Otter and Dirt Magazine called it one of the top 100 mountain bike products of 2010 and 2011. The frame features adjustable travel from 80-100mm depending on your riding discipline for the day to give the Double two distinct personalities no matter how you decide to ride it.

2011 Transition Covert
The Covert is our 6″ travel quiver-killing do-it-all bike. Ya, we know that there is no such thing as a do-it-all bike but the Covert is at the top of our lists if we could only have one bike. In the hands of a capable rider it can jump from a multitude of riding disciplines. The new frame sports a massive amount of refinements that perfectly balance weight and strength to give you the total package. Weighting in at a respectable 6.7 lbs without rear shock, and builds up to a 28-32 lb, this bike is made for efficient days in the saddle. At the core of the Covert is our completely new proprietary tubeset designed in house. The new tubes create a stronger frame with better contact points for welding shock mounts, pivots, and the headtube. The result is a great do-it-all package for the rider that demands their bike to do more.

2011 Transition Blindside
We call the Blindside a Big All Mountain bike designed to be a versatile big travel bike. With a front derailleur setup to get you to the summit and up to 190mm of adjustable rear travel so you can take on any downhill. The Blindside’s versatility is quite surprising as the bike can pedal extremely well, is nimble on singletrack and jumps and can eat up rough DH style trails. The suspension utilizes a large 2.75″ stroke shock for low leverage and features a slightly progressive leverage rate curve that gives excellent consistent leverage throughout the travel allowing the natural progressiveness of the shock to ramp up perfectly. The frames features our own custom formed tubeset with internal gussets and a slimmed down rear triangle with internal cable routing for a clean look.

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