2011 Answer -ONE Drop Stem 50mm 55mm

For 2011 Answer came out with a new direct mount stem. It provides the rider with a lower drop than typical direct mount stems. This new stem from Answer is called -One aka “Minus One”.

The Answer -One stem is a sturdy stem that is a dropped (-20mm) design. This allows you to get your bars lower than you typically would be able to. Certainly this dropped design isn’t for everyone but if you’ve got a bike that you feel has the bars too high no matter what you do, this could be your solution. This direct mount stem bolts directly to the top of your crown giving you a sturdy interface to mount to.

Answer testing out the -ONE stem.


  • Height is -20mm (Bar Center)
  • The -ONE offers two length positions for the rider to pick from. A 50mm, or a 55mm option.
  • Metal used to machine the stem is 7075 Series alloy
  • Color wise, you can pick between black or white
  • Hardware used is A2 Stainless w/thread patch
  • Bar clamp is 31.8mm

Fits Boxxer, Dorado, FOX 40, BOS, and any other crown that uses the current Boxxer Mount that most everyone is using.

It is important to note that Answer’s -ONE stem will not fit the Manitou Dorado flat crown in the 50mm position.

The wide 62mm wide faceplate helps give Answer a stiff stem and yields a wide clamping area on the handlebars.


  • One Stem 152g

If a drop stem isn’t your cup of tea, Answer also makes this same stem in a non-dropped format called the DH Stem. It is similar in design but doesn’t offer the dropped design. It offers you three adjustable positions (45mm,50mm, and 55mm). The stem is designed well and machined without any sharp edges. It comes in at a respectable weight and should withstand some good hits. It does have a square look to it that some will like and some will dislike, but we think it looks just fine. Both models are a nice option that won’t break the bank and will compliment your ride nicely.

Available soon at Tionghin!

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