2011 Red Bull Final Descent at Angel Fire

2011 Red Bull Final Descent at Angel Fire with Answer DH Protapered Bars!
Think you could ride at race pace for 12 hours straight? That’s exactly what over one hundred riders tried to do this past weekend in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Here’s a brief recap of the event courtesy of Red Bull and Long Nguyen.

It was a frosty morning packed with snow as riders came out to take on the mountain at the last stop of Red Bull Final Descent at Angel Fire Resort. The event brought out 127 dedicated riders participating in categories including expert, pro, team, male and female. Racers withstood thick mud, icy ruts, and exposed roots while contending for a share of the more than $5,000 in cash and prizes.

In the end, Team Geronimo/Banshee Bikes rider Jess Pedersen took the Men’s Pro Solo Division with an amazing 32 laps completed. Jacqueline Harmony from Sedona, AZ. finished 30 laps to take home the victory in the Female Pro Division.

Other category winners included:

  • Solo Men’s Expert – Aaron Polly – 32 Laps
  • Solo Women’s Expert – Heather Baroody – 25 Laps
  • Duo Men’s Pro – Team Bike Works/Jimmy Johns/Angel Fire Bike Park – Dillon Lamar & Matson Hunter– 32 Laps
  • Duo Men’s Expert – Shennanigans – Eric Pieteryga & Ian Supple – 31 Laps
  • Team Division – Screaming Squirrels – Neal Pederson, Ben Pederson & Julian Chavez – 31 Laps

“The mud was the hardest part, especially when the ice melted,” Men’s Pro Solo Winner Jess Pedersen said. “The best 12 hours of punishment I have ever endured!” “I really am stoked,” Female Pro Solo winner Jackie Harmony said. “I love doing these events. I hope they keep happening.”

The Red Bull Final Descent Series is a 12-hour endurance race series held throughout the Rockies. The format of the event is simple—riders choose from two technical courses of varying difficulty. After twelve ruthless hours, the finisher in each category with the most laps wins. The 2011 Red Bull Final Descent included stops at Jackson Hole, WY, Winter Park, CO and Angel Fire, NM.

For info, full results and more pictures from the race, visit www.redbullusa.com/finaldescent

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