Answer ProTAPER 780 DH handlebar picked at Pinkbike!

Answer’s ProTAPER were once the bars of choice, with their anodized gold option showing up on the front of bikes of those in the know. Fast forward a few years and there are many other aftermarket options to choose from, but the ProTAPER name is still alive. Their latest DH model features the same comfortable 4° up sweep and 8° backsweep, but in a 780mm (30.7”) wide package – with cut marks to make trimming it down easy – that many of today’s aggressive riders are looking for.
The ProTAPER name comes from the bar’s internal taper that puts material where it’s needed most without adding unneeded bulk to other areas. The 335 gram DH model is available in two height options, 12.5 or 25.4mm, and standard color choices include red, gold, black and white.
Looking for something that stands out from the crowd? Answer is producing a limited number of bars that feature one of two standout graphic designs: either the red, white and black Canadian C-Works scheme, or the darker Chaos version shown below. The graphics are not your usual film dip, but rather fused into the bar’s anodic coating pores before the finish is sealed off. Answer says that the result is a far more robust surface that will look great for a long time. The ProTAPER 780 DH retails for $65 USD in the standard colors, or $95 USD for either of the two limited edition graphics.

At over 30” wide and with its eye catching Chaos color scheme, the ProTAPER garnered a lot of attention on the trails.

Pinkbike’s Take:
While wide bars are certainly not for everyone, we bolted up the 780 DH to a 100mm travel 29’er (oh, the blasphemy!) and have never looked back. The added width, over 1.5″ on each side compared to the stock bar, raised the bike’s fun factor and had me riding the bike in a much more confident manner, even if I had to watch my knuckles when it came to squeezing between tight trees. The ProTAPER’s eight degree bend had my hands feeling like they were at home, and the low, half inch, rise worked well to compensate for the bike’s bigger 29” wheels. As advertised, our custom “Chaos” finish seemed to be quite resistant to scratching, with it not looking any worse for wear after having the bike’s brake levers rotate multiple times from crashing. We also can’t complain about the bar’s reasonable $65 USD (for the standard colors) asking price, with it coming in at less than many other options. Any downsides? The 335 gram weight isn’t exactly anything to brag about, but it is about par for the course when talking about 30” wide handlebars…
we just wish it wasn’t. – Mike Levy

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