Handlebars – How Wide Affects Your Ride

The handlebar grips are two out of the five attachment points between your body and the bike – and arguably, the two most important ones. Spending some time to get your bars tuned to the perfect width can pay dividends in the handling department and may add some comfort to the ride as well… Everybody is slightly different, so it stands to reason that we all have an optimum measurement for the perfect handlebar. Experimenting with your handlebar’s width can be expensive. You can’t cut your handlebar longer, so we’ll show you how to test various widths without cutting your existing bar until you are positive that you need to. Check out Pinkbike’s Tech Tuesday handlebar video and get a grip on your handlebar width.

Special tools: (left to right) You’ll need a good measuring tape; a hack saw with a fresh fine-tooth blade; a fine-tooth file or some sandpaper, and a Park Tool saw guide would be nice.

Wide Bars Vs Narrow Bars video link below:
How Wide?

What you’ll need:

  • A small measuring tape.
  • Hex keys and perhaps a set of Torx keys.
  • A test handlebar that is wider (if you are planning to go that direction).
  • Hack saw with 24 teeth per inch or less.
  • A saw guide like Park tool makes would be handy.
  • 120 grit sand paper or a fine half-round file to smooth cut edges.

Handlebar Tips:

  • Make small changes and put in a few long sessions before you pass judgment on a new setup.
  • Tune your bike to suit your riding style, not someone else’s. If you accept set-up advice from a chimpanzee, then you better look like one.
  • You may have to reset your lever angle and placement slightly if a change in handlebar width alters your position on the bike
  • Ask around to see if a friend has a spare bar at a wider or narrower width he will loan you for a test period.

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