Pivot ISCG-05 Chain guide Adapter Plate Picked on Pinkbike!

Pivot Cycles adopted Shimano’s non-threaded PressFit bottom bracket system at its inception. Pivot’s mid-travel trailbikes lack ISCG chainguide mounts and without threads, customers who wanted to retrofit chain guides were left in single chainring limbo. Pivot responded with a trick looking aluminum adapter plate, which we have often written about – so we thought we should show it to you. The machined aluminum adapter plate nests into the frame and clamps securely around the bottom bracket shell with a single 6 millimeter allen screw.
The adapter costs $68 USD and fits single chainring guides. The ISCG-05 adapter fits all aluminum Pivot Mach 4, 5, 5.7 and 429 models with PressFit bottom bracket systems. We mounted it to our Mach 5.7 test sled and used an MRP chainguide with a 34-tooth MRP sprocket mounted to a Shimano XTR dual ring crankset. Pivot Cycles

Pivot’s ISCG-05 clamp-on aluminum adapter plate is relieved on the inside face to index into the frame. The clamp-on arrangement is necessary because Pivot’s trailbikes use a PressFit unthreaded bottom bracket shell. A look from below the bike shows the single pinch bolt that fixes the plate to the frame. The finished product looks quite nice on the Mach 5.7.

Pinkbike’s Take:
Installing Pivot’s ISCG-05 plate is not too difficult, as long as you understand the basics of removing a crankset and installing a chain guide. The plate is a tight fit around the bottom bracket shell and it is recessed to stop against the fixed derailleur mount. Slide it on as far as it will go until the plate contacts the flats of the front derailleur mount, and then rotate it clockwise until the recessed part nests against the frame. Cinch it up with a 6 millimeter allen wrench and you can mount the chainguide. Our adapter needed no spacers with the MRP guide and required only a minimum of fussing to get the upper and lower guides to remain quiet as we shifted across the entire range of the ten-speed cassette. We are using a 34 tooth chainring, so the Mach 5.7 has a lot of clearance. So far the plate is still where we left it, and we have yet to bash the guide to the point of destruction. Not all was perfect in OZ, however, a tiny piece of weld blocked the adapter plate from lining up perfectly – and while we initially got the MRP guide to work, a call to the Pivot factory helped us troubleshoot the adapter situation. We filed a little bit of aluminum from the plate to work around the trouble spot and were good to go. Pivot said that they have been installing the plates without trouble at the factory, so we must have gotten lucky. – RC


  1. Jim said

    Where can I buy this mount?

  2. Jim said

    What is a sin Ming shop??? Is there a website you can guide me towards?

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