2012 Pivot Mach 4 and Mach 5.7 are here!!

2012 Pivot Mach 4
We built our reputation on the Mach 4; it is simply the most efficient, best climbing, sprinting and descending World Cup level cross country and endurance race bike ever built. Off the chart frame stiffness, ultra-light weight, and awesome climbing traction come together to deliver an incredible race bike. But the beauty of the Mach 4 is that it descends like no other, putting its XC competition off the back. More than one editor has stated that the Mach 4 descends as well or better than many longer travel bikes, yet possesses the refined handling and pedaling efficiency of an elite cross country race rig.

The Mach 4 is the tool of choice for elite level racers around the world – having won the 2010 24hr World Championships and countless other events. MTBR.com has named the Mach 4 the best XC full suspension bike for two years in a row and it’s not hard to see why. With superior pedaling performance, lighter weight and unrivaled stiffness, the Mach 4 is designed with one thing in mind: going fast! If your rides include a finish line, you’ll finish faster on a Mach 4.

2012 Pivot Mach 5.7
We combined Pivot Cycle’s superior engineering with dw-link® suspension to design the ultimate trail bike and the result is the Mach 5.7. The 5.7 strikes an unrivaled balance of superior pedaling efficiency, fully active travel, incredible chassis stiffness and award winning handling. In fact, the Mach 5.7 won Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for Best 26” Trail Bike. Now updated with a 142x12mm through axle system and post mount disc brake tabs to provide an increased level of stiffness and control, the Mach 5.7 is sure to continue winning acclaim and make even more riders smile.

It is the ultimate do-all bike for riding just about any trail, anywhere. Whether you are an endurance racer, Super D rider or just looking for the perfect bike for anything you like to ride, chances are good that the Mach 5.7 is the perfect mountain bike for you.

Grab yours today at Tionghin!

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