MRP Lopes SL Chainguide picked at Pinkbike!!

MRP Lopes SL Chainguide

Brian Lopes’ signature chainguide by MRP is about as basic as you can get. It fits ISCG-05 bottom bracket tabs and works with a single chainring. The boomerang is laser etched with graduations that allow users to set up the upper and lower guides for each available chainring size. This takes the guess work out of mounting up the system. Long and short bolts, and a number of washers are included so your guide will fit any bike and MRP’s instructions are clear and concise. MRP’s Lopes SL chainguide costs around $135 USD. MRP

As simple as it gets, the MRP Lopes SL chainguide is easily assembled using guide references for various chainring sizes. The finished product is strong enough for hard driving downhills as long as you are willing to run without a bash ring to protect your sprocket. Lightweight and simple is what the Lopes SL guide is about.

Pinkbike’s Take:
If there was ever a no-worries single-ring chainguide, this is the one. The MRP Lopes guide does not have a bash guard, as it is intended for Super-D and aggressive trail applications where a rider may want the simplicity of a single chainring without the worry of derailing a chain. In this respect, the MRP guide does a wonderful job. Its lower guide employs a sprocket-type roller, which will make noise in the extreme right or left cassette gears, but it is acceptably quiet for XC/trail applications and doesn’t feel draggy like many roller guides do. If you like simple and durable, MRP’s single-ring Lopes chainguide will do just fine. – RC

Grab yours today at Tionghin!

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