2012 Transition Bikes are here!!!!

2012 Transition TR250
The TR250 is the little brother to our world cup proven TR450. It’s not afraid to go fast in gnarly terrain, but the TR250 is a more nimble handling bike, with tighter geometry for a more playful feel on the trail. With settings for 180mm or 160mm of rear wheel travel, adjustable head angle and bottom bracket height as well as chainstay length, the TR250 is a truly versatile downhill bike. Designed with bike parks like Whistler in mind, this is the ultimate shuttle and lift bike for someone that cares more about styling jumps than split times. The TR250 build is spec’d with a single crown fork, but the frame is fully dual crown compatible. The size small also makes an excellent downhill race bike for shorter riders.

2012 Transition BottleRocket
We classify the BottleRocket as the original slopestyle bike that set the standard for a new generation of bikes. We didn’t realize this would become one of our most popular and versatile bikes that can handle almost any type of riding. Our customers use their BottleRockets for almost every type of riding and who can blame them. The bike is just at home in the air doing tricks as it is railing singletrack or shredding Whistler trails. The BottleRocket geometry created a revolution for a new style of bikes to come and to this day we haven’t changed the magic numbers that we feel achieved perfection. The combination of shorter chainstay lengths, lower BB and the perfect head angle all work together to create a ride that is one of our funnest bikes. Responsive in corners, easy to manual and bunny hop and complete stability in the air all add up to one of our most versatile geometries we have ever created. Our full length seattube with a gusset allows you to get the seat up when need to get to the top.

2012 Transition Covert
Raced by Andrea Bruno to win the 2010 and 2011 Italian Super Enduro championship; the Covert has been proven in the toughest Enduro races in Europe. If you would rather call it an “all mountain” bike, that is fine with us too, since we haven’t found a mountain yet that didn’t make us smile when riding a Covert. Designed to be the most versatile bike in our lineup, the Covert would be our choice if we could only have one bike.

New for 2012, the 12mm x 142mm dropouts increase the strength and stiffness of this well proven frame. But don’t worry, if you still have a 135mm wheelset that you can’t convert we have optional 10mm x 135mm dropouts as well. We now offer two different build kit options with either 1×10 or 2×10 drivetrains and two different travel adjust forks for even more options on this crowd favorite.

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