2014 Pivot Vault Cyclocross and LES 27.5″ and MACH 6 in grams!

After riding the new Mach 6 and covering its launch, plus the new Les 27.5″ and Vault cyclocross bikes, we threw them on the scale. We also snapped a few trailside photos of a late stage alloy prototype of the Mach6 they built up in house in their Arizona headquarters.

All bikes weighed are size medium production bikes. The XX1 built Mach 6 comes in at 27.05lb (12.23kg).

The XTR build tips in at 28.22lbs (12.8kg).

The Les 275 XX1 is 20.11lbs (9.12kg).

The XTR build is 21.36lbs (9.69kg).

The new Pivot Vault comes in at 18.67lbs (8.47kg).

Before going to carbon fiber for production, they build alloy mules to test the geometry and suspension. These aren’t just any old round tube bikes. Many of the parts are machined into monocoque halves and welded into pretty intricate shapes. This could very well be a harbinger of alloy versions to come.

Their team puts a lot of effort into the test rigs. Note the machined firebird logo on the BB/seat stay section. Necessary? No. Beautiful? Absolutely!

Aaaaahhh, test bikes. Need a quick fix for cable management? Just drill a hole into the shock yoke and run a zip tie.

This one really shows off the tight spaces and angles used to allow for so much travel while also keeping the chainstay length pretty short.

With all this effort put into a test rig, why not start with an alloy model first, then introduce carbon the way many other brands do? “People want carbon fiber,” said Chris Cocalis. So they’re giving the people what they want. Speaking of which, one of the employees wanted this frame enough to buy it.


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