Ns bikes Soda 2014

Soda 2014

Since its introduction in 2012 the Soda has received great reviews and proved itself to be an incredibly versatile bike. Just check out the wide diversity of builds you can find on the internet. But what’s more important, the Soda has a great track record of problem-free use. The philosophy behind this bike was to make a platform that would be first and foremost fun and reliable, and it looks like this has been achieved in the long run.

For 2014 the Soda has received a major lift: lots of small details have been refined, the frame has lost weight without sacrificing strength or reliability and the frame sizes have been increased to improve seated pedalling ranges.

During the Alpine Trip where our main goal was to shoot the new Eccentric and Fuzz bikes Sam decided to take the new Soda 1 out for a spin. Our camera guys thought it would be cool to follow him and get some footage. All went well at first, Sam had some fun throwing the bike around the town of Zell am See and we got some cool shots. But then he decided to take a run down the bongo bongo and hang man trails in the Leogang bike park and things got ugly with the weather.

The slopes were so slippery it was almost impossible to even stand, yet alone ride. But the guys decided to keep going, and we managed to film a few of Sam’s runs. Check out this short edit showing want went on up there.

Stay tune for the arrival of the 2014 Soda in store!

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