Bottom Bracket

Octane One ISIS BB bottom bracket @ $60
This great ISIS bottom bracket comes with strong and super thick axle. Instead of using small and weak sealed bearings we decided to offer a new type of BB which itself acts as a big sealed bearing. The result is a durability way greater than other bottom brackets, even those with 4 sealed bearings! Aluminum cups for weight reduction.

Hope Bottom Bracket MTB – Stainless Steel
The eagerly anticipated external bottom bracket is now available, with two different bearing options. All common systems are covered with this upgrade unit – making it ideal for Shimano, Race Face and others.
The machined aluminium cups hold either full stainless steel cartridge bearings, or ceramic bearings in stainless races. These custom, Swiss made bearings are double sealed, fully serviceable and removable which give much greater life span than stock units.
The bearings are made (as all our bearings are) by INA and have been designed to run directly on the crankset axle, without the use of shims or spacers – again increasing life and reliability.
Hope uses a non contact, free running labyrinth seal to protect the bearing externally, and the machined aluminium centre tube is sealed internally with o-rings. The unit is suitable for 68 & 73mm shell width’s – a dedicated 83mm unit is also available. Standard 6 colours are available on cups – red, blue, silver, black, gold and gunmetal, with the centre tubes being black on the stainless and gunsmoke on the ceramic.

Hope Bottom Bracket MTB – Ceramic
The Hope Ceramic External bottom bracket runs smooth as silk, with no hint of play, grind or grumble over the long haul. Machined aluminum cups hold Swiss-made ceramic bearings, designed to run directly on the axle without the use of shims or spacers. Non-contact, free-running labyrinth seals protect the bearings externally. Internally, the machined aluminum center tube is sealed with o-rings. The bearings are removable and fully serviceable for a greater life span. Suitable for 68 or 73mm shell. 109 g.

Shimano MTB Bottom Bracket Cups – Press Fit
Complete press-fit bottom bracket assembly for MTB.

Shimano XT/SLX Bottom Bracket Cups M770/M660
Bottom bracket cups that fit XT/SLX M770/660 Cranksets, and are available in 68mm English threads.

Shimano XTR Bottom Bracket Cups M970
Bottom bracket cups that fit XTR – M970 Cranksets, and are available in 68mm/73mm English threads.

Aerozine Bottom Bracket


Chris King Bottom Bracket


Enduro Bottom Bracket


Enduro Bearings Shimano/FSA/Race Face Bearing Kit
With dual-lip labyrinth seals keep dirt out and grease in, even under extreme conditions. Packed from the factory with the highest quality Rock ‘N’ Roll grease.
ABEC 5 is a standard to which each bearing must pass many tests in order to meet the scheduled requirements including noise testing at high RPM, extremely tight tolerances for the internal diameter, outer diameter, roundness of ball, trueness of races, and surface finish of all of the above. A much higher standard than ABEC 3, even though only 2 digits difference in name.
Enduro is the first to produce a truly sealed Full Ceramic Bearing. The balls and the races are made from Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride) material which is the hardest, most resilient and the lightest weight material a bearing can be made from. A standard steel type sealed bearing design would be an inferior way to utilize this material. However, through a new design of the race assembly, we are able to seal these bearings on the side facing the elements, while shielding the internal side with the PTFE retainer. The seal is also made from Silicone material which is the lowest friction and the superior material a seal can be made from. These seals are also easily removable and replaceable. The level of precision for these bearings are ABEC 5 and the Si3N4 balls are Grade 5 giving an almost zero level of friction from your bearings.

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