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Hayes Stroker Ace review at!

“The Stroker Ace are a great set of brakes that are comparable with other top of the line modes on the market.”
By Chris Armstrong, Whistler, BC

Hayes has been on a bit of a tear recently with the release of the Stroker line of brakes. They first started out with the Stroker trail, carbon & ryde for the 2008 season and the Stroker Ace for 2009. We got our hands on a set of Stoker Ace’s at Crankworx and put them right into use.

First off the Ace’s are the first four-piston brake that Hayes has made, working off of the master cylinder from the Stroker platform the caliper is a forged mono-bloc with a new pad design which also happens to be the largest that they have ever made. The lever was also not left untouched and it was tweaked to be slightly longer than the Trail model.

The Stroker Ace uses the same DOT4 fluid as previous models, but different size pads as noted before. The new pads are also made out of a new material which is said to be much more durable than the previous ones. The weight of the unit is comparable with Avid Codes and Shimano Saint brake sets, they all seem to hover between 430gr – 450gr.

Once I got the Ace’s onto my bike after a quick bleeding of the system I actually found them pretty easy to setup, I had them centred up without much hassle and I was off to the hill to try them out. First off I prefer the new lever to the ones that came with the Stroker trail, it just seemed to fit my hand a little bit nicer and much more comfortably. The Ace’s have a huge amount of power and they never hesitated when asked to stop me. The power was very liner and wasn’t overly grabby. It felt smooth and was accessible easily when needed. The four-piston design with the larger pad size gives you extra reassurance that the Ace’s won’t be overheating and fading away if you are pulling lots of laps back to back in the summer heat.

By closing date at the bike park we had been riding the Ace’s for just over 2 months and put 20+ days on them, without any problems. I didn’t have to bleed them again, didn’t have to change the pads or adjust them in any way. It really was a set and forget system. (For reference, with Hayes Mag brakes I would have gone through 3 sets of pads over the summer, which was about a set every 12 park days, or 50 laps.)

Plus: Great power, no fade.
Minus: Carbon lever option would be nice.

Get yours today at Tionghin!

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Bike Checks: New Build on a Titus Fireline Titanium!

We will be featuring bikes that are build at Tionghin from now and having a bike checks on the complete set up!

Bike Checks on a Titus Fireline Titanium!
Light, light and light!
Read on…

The final complete build!

The cockpit with a temporary Kore stem and will be replacing by a Ritchey WCS soon. Also shifting and braking uses the Avid BB7 and the XTR Dyna-Sys system. Details!

The wheels are taken care of with Sun ringle Equalizer 21, XTR center lock hubs front and rear and Wheelsmith DB14 spokes with Aluminium nipples.

The drivetrain piston! XTR Dyna-sys crankset with XTR Dyna-sys front derailleur and the XTR SPD.

Closer look on the XTR Dyna-sys front derailleur, shorter guide flange for 2 chain-set.

Shifting with a Ultegra 11t to 28t cassette, Ultegra 10 speed chain and the XTR Dyna-sys rear shadow derailleur.

The laser finish on the Titus Fireline Titanium! Made in the USA.

Components List
Frame: Titus Fireline Titanium
Fork: Trigon Carbon fork with post mount for disc
Headset: Ritchey WCS sealed headset
Wheels: XTR center-lock 9mm (32hole), 135mm x 9mm Rear XTR center-lock (32hole), Sun Ringle Equalizer 21, Wheelsmith DB14 spokes with aluminium nipples
Tires: Michelin XC Dry2 Front and Back
Saddle: –
Bar: Ritchey WCS white flat Handlebar
Grip: Lock On grips
Crank: Shimano XTR Dyna-Sys 175mm Cranks
Brake: Avid BB7 Mechanical brakes with Avid SD 7 Brake lever
Rotor: MR Control adapter convert center-lock to 6 bolt disc. Avid G2 6 bolt Disc, 160mm(front) and Avid G2 6 bolt Disc, 160mm(rear)
Stem: Kore race, 110mm length, 31.8mm clamp diameter stem
Seatpost: Kore Carbon I-Beam seatpost
Pedal: Shimano XTR SPD
Cassette: Shimano Ultegra Cassette 10sp 11t – 28t
Shifters: Shimano XTR Dyna-Sys
Rear derailleur: Shimano XTR Dyna-Sys shadow
Front derailleur: Shimano XTR Dyna-Sys
Chain Guide Device: none
Chain: Shimano Ultegra Chain 10sp

Stay tune for more upcoming new builds and bike checks!

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Bike Checks: New Build on a Pivot Mach 5.7!

We will be featuring bikes that are build at Tionghin from now and having a bike checks on the complete set up!

Bike Checks on a Pivot Mach 5.7!
Tomy’s Pivot Mach 5.7! Ready and loving it!

The final complete build!

The Mach 5.7 new decals!

Cockpit with the Shimano XT shifters, Acros Stem and Easton Monkey Lite carbon bar. The stopping power used on this machine are the Magura Marta SL!

Components List
Frame: Pivot Mach 5.7 with Fox Float RP23
Fork: 2010 FOX Talas RLC FIT 150mm in 15QR
Headset: Pivot Precision headset
Wheels: Sun Ringle Black Flag wheelset with Stans Notubes equipped
Tires: WTB Weirwolf 2.1 Front and Back
Saddle: WTB Rocket V
Bar: Easton Monkey Lite XC carbon low rise Handlebar
Grip: ODI CorssX Lock On grips
Crank: Shimano XT 175mm Cranks
Brake: Magura Marta SL brakes
Rotor: Magura Marta SL 6 bolt Disc, 160mm(front) and Magura Marta SL 6 bolt Disc, 160mm(rear)
Stem: Acros stem, 100mm length, 31.8mm clamp diameter stem
Seatpost: Thomson Elite seatpost
Pedal: Shimano XT SPD
Cassette: Shimano XT Cassette 9sp 11t – 34t
Shifters: Shimano XT
Rear derailleur: Shimano XT shadow
Front derailleur: Shimano XT Dyna-Sys direct mount
Chain Guide Device: None
Chain: Shimano XT 9sp chain

Stay tune for more upcoming new builds and bike checks!

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Tionghin’s Suspension Servicing Package

A suspension servicing will always be essential if you want to maintain your fork and shox for maximum life and racing performance. A well maintained and tuned suspension will performs at its best.

As the Authorized Distributor for Manitou Suspension, we offer a wide range of all types of after-sales services, repairs, and tuning options for the entire Manitou range. Besides that, we also provide suspension tuning and whole new servicing for Rock Shox, Marzocchi and Fox Racing Shox suspension range with Stendec products, tuning/service options to your personal specification.


Probably the most important element in your suspension is oil – what type you use, how often it is replaced and what volume is used. Stendec has developed its own range of both fork and rear shock oil which greatly enhances performance. Apart from performing the dampening operation Crystal oils protect and therefore prolong the life of any unit – a strong consideration when choosing what type of oil to use.

Stendec Crystal Fork oil is a formulated HSF fluid made from base oils and performance additives containing a radical new type of anti foaming agent. Crystal fluid is compatible with all seals and other fork components and actually increases seal life. Available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 weight, all grades can be mixed if required to produce a mid weight blend. Apart from offering excellent temperature stability and dampening its particularly slippy consistency also reduces fork leg stiction.

More informations at Stendec-Works

Fork Overhaul services

  • Disassembly and Assembly of entire Fork
  • Inspection of Fork externals and internals
  • Suspension Fluid change with Stendec oils
  • Compression damper test

Fork Custom Tuning services

  • High speed compression shim stack tuning
  • Low speed compression shim stack tuning
  • Speed needle tuning
  • Suspension Fluid velocity weight mix tuning

Fork Travel change services

  • Increment or reduction of travel of the Fork

Rear Shock Air Sleeve change services

  • Disassembly and Assembly of Air Sleeve
  • Inspection of Shox externals and internals
  • Air Sleeve change

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Bike Checks: New Build on a Titus X!

We will be featuring bikes that are build at Tionghin from now and having a bike checks on the complete set up!

Bike Checks on a Titus X in blue!
Custom light parts with super light frame, bling..
Read on..

The final complete build!

Rock Shox Reba word cup!

Cockpit with Shimano XT shifters with disc brake on Ritchey WCS carbon handlebar and Thomson Stem. Last by not least on the cockpit would be the Answer XC lock on grip!

Shimano XT crankset and Shimano XT front derailleur.

Wheelset with DT 340 center lock disc hub, DT competition spokes and DT XR4.2D rim. Kenda Nevegal 2.1 tires.

Shimano XT shadow rear derailleur, with Shimano XT cassette and Wippermann 9 speed chain.

Custom tune Fox Float RP23 rear shox.

Components List
Frame: Titus X with Fox Float RP23
Fork: Rockshox Reba World Cup Dual Air 2007 100mm, w/ Poploc with Aligator iLink housing
Headset: Chris King 1,1/8 threadless headset
Wheels: DT swiss 340 front hub(32hole), 135mm x 9mm Rear DT swiss 340 rear hubs(32hole), DT swiss XR 4.2D, DT competition spokes with brass nipples
Tires: Kenda Nevegal 2.1 Front and Back
Saddle: Fizik Gobi XM
Bar: Ritchey WCS Carbon low rise Handlebar
Grip: Answer Fall Line XC Lock On grips
Crank: Shimano XT 175mm Cranks
Brake: Shimano XT brakes
Rotor: Shimano XTR center lock Disc, 160mm(front) and Shimano XTR center lock Disc, 160mm(rear)
Stem: Thomson X4, 100mm length, 31.8mm clamp diameter stem
Seatpost: Thomson Elite seatpost
Pedal: Shimano XT SPD
Cassette: Shimano XT Cassette 9sp 11t – 32t
Shifters: Shimano XT
Rear derailleur: Shimano XT shadow
Front derailleur: Shimano XT
Chain Guide Device: None
Chain: Wippermann 9sp chain

Stay tune for more upcoming new builds and bike checks!

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Hayes Stroker Ace Brake 2011 are here!

Hayes Stroker Ace Brake 2011 are here!
The Stroker Ace features Hayes’ first four-piston, forged mono-bloc caliper and our biggest pads ever, giving the Ace tremendous heat management capabilities. We’ve also designed a longer lever for increased leverage at the bar. Mated to the proven Stroker master cylinder, this makes the Ace our most powerful brake ever, while advancing the already unmatched Stroker modulation. At a system weight of 427g, the Ace trumps all the other gravity-oriented brakes in the deck.

  • Master Cylinder: Radial, Symmetrical; Aluminium
  • Caliper: Forged mono-bloc; Aluminium; Four-piston
  • Colour: Frosty Silver
  • Pad Material: Sintered metallic with Aluminium backing plate
  • Lever Blade: Aluminium, XL with tool free reach adjust
  • Fluid: Hayes high temperature, DOT4
  • Weight: 440g (160mm rotor), 488g (180mm), 520g (203mm) Rotor not included

Hayes Rotors are in too,

  • V6 Rotor

V cut design has more power and increased pad contact area.
Perfect for XC.
Weight: 114g.

  • V7 Rotor

The Hayes V7 rotor gives you more power without the weight penalty of the 8” rotor.
Perfect for the front or rear application.
Weight: 156g.

  • V8 Rotor

The Hayes V8 rotor is one of our most powerful rotor option.
V cut design has more power and increased pad contact area.
Perfect for DH and Freeride.
Weight: 204g.

Grab it now at Tionghin while stock last!

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2011 Pivot Cycles Mach 4 and Mach 5.7 are here!

2011 Pivot Cycles Mach 4 and Mach 5.7 are in!
Read on..

The Mach 4!
Frame alone or frame kit available for the 2011 Pivot Mach 4.

The innovative and best-selling Mach 4 just got better for 2011. We made it a 5/8ths of a pound lighter, yet stiffer for an even more efficient riding experience. Using the cutting-edge dw-link® suspension design, the Mach 4 accelerates instantly during hard, out of the saddle efforts and gives amazing traction while climbing and accelerating out of corners. It’s downright snappy! The suspension soaks up the bumps in a smooth controlled manner that lets you go faster. The 92mm BB shell, carbon reinforced double row bearing lower dw-link(R), high-modulus carbon fiber upper link and one-piece rear triangle make for a zero-flex bike. Mountain Bike Action said it best: “It gives riders all the benefits of a shorter-stroke XC racer, like sharp acceleration and a dizzying rate of climb…and it delivers the downhill handling of a longer-stroke trail bike.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

As with all of our suspension bikes, the Mach 4 is all about striking the perfect balance. In this case that perfect balance is providing the rider with World Cup winning cross country performance, without the narrow focus. It’s a race bike that shatters the boundaries between the single purpose, race day-only machine and a bike that can be ridden anywhere and everywhere. The Mach 4 has been to the top of the podium in Pro and Expert class cross country races across the country. It has proven itself in the world’s toughest endurance and 24 hour events including the 24 hours of Old Pueblo, the 24 hours of Moab, the TransRockies, the Leadville 100, and even South Africa’s grueling Cape Epic.
The Mach 4 is also a bike we (and many happy customers) have had the pleasure of riding all across the country on every type of terrain imaginable. It’s been ridden hard on our own National Trail, traversed the technical rock- and root-strewn trails of western Pennsylvania, powered through the forests of Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, and has tackled Fruita, Colorado as well as just about everything Moab has to offer…including Porcupine Rim-right alongside riders with 6″ travel bikes.
For those not buying into the notion that more travel is always better, the Mach 4 could be considered your ultimate trail bike as well as being one of the fastest, most efficient race bikes on the planet.

Fox RP23 BoostValve rear shock with a neatly zip-tied on sag indicator. Chunky carbon linkage.

The Mach 5.7!
Frame alone or frame kit available for the 2011 Pivot Mach 5.7.

The legendary 5.7.

The Mach 5.7 is a completely redesigned bike relying heavily on what was learned from the previous Mach 5 bike. With the Mach 5.7 Pivot was seeking to create a stiffer, lighter, and plusher feeling bike while maintaining pedaling prowess. Check out the new features and updates below.

  • Increased the travel to 5.7 inches (145mm)
  • Dropped the weight of the bike by half a pound by shaving weight from places like the shock tabs, bottom bracket forging, lower yoke area and drop outs
  • The Mach 5.7 Pivot is claiming to be 20% stiffer than the Mach 5, thanks to increased diameter top and down tubes on the front triangle, forged C-channel uprights on the more compact rear triangle with hydro-formed cross brace and beefy 8 cartridge bearings throughout. The new design adds significant stiffness and reduces weight.
  • A lower bottom bracket height, more relaxed geometry and slightly taller headtubes add up to better stability
  • A flatter spring curve takes advantage of the Fox RP23′s Boost Valve design allowing for a smoother transition into the middle of the travel while maintaining excellent bottoming resistance for a feeling of nearly endless travel.
  • Increased the Propedal range for the Mach 5.7. This allows the bike to be more plush in the fully open setting, and offers more usable Propedal options. Propedal 3 offers both extremely efficient pedaling performance with a quick blow off and good small to medium bump absorption for endurance racing. The Propedal 1 setting is roughly equivalent to the open setting on the previous Mach 5. The new tune allows for a nice neutral feeling in all settings, and adds increased versatility for the all around mountain biker.
  • Tapered headtube
  • Lower stand-over heights make for a more compact frame with a lower center of gravity and an overall increase in frame stiffness.
  • 92mm wide BB shell, compatible with Shimano, SRAM/TruVativ GXP, Race Face, FSA, and Enduro bottom brackets. 92mm shell allows for wider pivots and better bearing support for increased frame strength and stiffness while maintaining better control over the chainline.
  • Revised direct mount front derailleur to accommodate upcoming XTR. Fully compatible with SRAM (S3) front derailleurs. The direct mount design ensures perfect front derailleur location, easier set up and a more rigid mount for the most efficient front shifting possible.
  • New shock tab design with integrated cable guides and clean cable routing as well as a cleaner look and lighter weight.
  • New Pivot ISCG 05 adapter plate compatibility for use with single ring set-ups.
  • 140mm or 150mm fork compatibility.

Some pictures of the Mach 5.7 assemble in a complete bike..

Get the 2011 Mach 4 or Mach 5.7 now at Tionghin!!!!!!

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