Continental Rubber Queen
The sidewall is reinforced by an apex profile and an extra sticky version of the Black Chili compound make the Rubber Queen 2.4 extra hot. With the Rubber Queen 2.4 you keep the fast line. You are well protected against snakebites and due to the sipes in the tread blocks you brake on turns like no other. The perfect choice for a thrilling weekend in the bikepark.

Available in,

  1. Rubber Queen 2.4: 3 plies / total 180 tpi / foldable / Apex / Black Chili Compound / Handmade in Germany
  2. Rubber Queen 2.4 UST: 3 plies / total 330 tpi / foldable / Apex / Black Chili Compound/ Tubeless / Handmade in Germany
  3. Rubber Queen 2.2 UST: 3 plies / 330 tpi / foldable / Apex / Tubeless

Rubber Queen

Continental Race King
World Champion!
The Race King has presented itself as any talented newcomer would do with victories!
Irana Kalentieva took its first prototype to podium positions of both the MTB XC world cup and the world championships in 2007. Available in two widths of 2.0″and 2.2″, large volume casing combined with a low profile tread pattern and Black Chili compound are just what ensures a head start on fast paced technical world cup tracks and marathon trails.

Available in,

  1. Race King 2.2 Supersonic.: 3 plies/ 180tpi/ foldable/ Black Chili Compound

Race king

Continental Mountain King
The Mountain King is an intermediate XC/Freeride MTB tyre, able to give ample service in a wide variety of conditions. In widths 2.2 and 2.4, it is just right for XC, marathons, trail riding and all mountain riding. The tread blocks are of an intermediate design, distributed and shaped to deal with anything from soft loamy soil up to hardpack. The Supersonic version manufactured in Germany also offers our new Black Chili compound – for even higher speed, longer tread life and greater control.

Available in,

  1. Mountain King 2.2: 3 plies/ 84tpi / foldable
  2. Mountain King 2.4: 3 plies/ 84tpi / foldable
  3. Mountain King 2.2 UST: 3 plies/ 330tpi/ foldable/ UST
  4. Mountain King 2.4 UST: 3 plies/ 330tpi/ foldable/ UST

Mountain king

Continental Air King
Air Time! The Air King is Continental’s all new Dirt Jump tyre. What is on every Dirt Riders wish list can be found in the Air King. Fast Rolling tread for hard packed surfaces. Light, yet stable casing for easy acceleration and maneuvering. High volume casing to give you an extra push taking off and extra cushioning coming down.

Available in,

  1. Air King 2.2: 3 plies/ 84tpi / wire
  2. Air King 2.2: 3 plies/ 84tpi / foldable

Air king

Maxxis Crossmark
The CrossMark is the dramatic evolution of the cross country racing tire. The nearly continuous center ridge flies on hardpack, yet has enough spacing to grab wet roots and rocks. The slightly raised ridge of side knobs offers cornering precision never before seen on a tire this fast.


Maxxis Crossmark

Maxxis High Roller XC
The most popular Maxxis downhill tire is resized for trail riders and slalom racers. Ramped leading edges minimize rolling resistance. Center groove for straight-line traction.


Maxxis HighRoller

Maxxis Larsen TT XC
The TT works on a vast number of terrains and conditions, which is why it is the favored tread of many of our pro dual riders. The TT hooks up well because each small, square lug in the tread pattern is ramped to roll easily, yet tightly spaced so more knobs are making contact with the ground. Thus, the contact patch is effective on a wide variety of surfaces.


Maxxis LarsenTT

Maxxis Holy Roller
The Holy Roller is our most versatile BMX tire. By further tightening the spacing and modifying the knob pattern of the MaxxDaddy, we improved both handling and speed. Hooks up in medium density soil and trails via a deep-cut center groove for straight-line control. Excels in both the front and rear.


Maxxis Holly Roller

Maxxis Ignitor XC
The Ignitor tread pattern was designed for the most discerning professional racers and already has laid claim to multiple World Cup victories. The well-spaced tread pattern fills in nicely to provide low rolling resistance in the straights, while the ramped pentagonal knobs provide excellent traction in the corners and in medium soil.


Maxxis Holly Roller


  1. terry said

    hi do you have stock for the Maxxis Holy Roller for 26er in the hougang store? may i know the price if i wanted to change front and rear with installation?

    • melvin said

      Hi, do call them at 62800416 to check on availability.

  2. Vinnear said

    Hi, Looking for Continental Speed king 2.2 for 29 inch, available? and price?

  3. melvin said

    Hi, so sorry but we do not have stock of it.

  4. az said

    Hie do u have trail king 2.2 tubeless in stock? How much it cost? Thanks

  5. Aldrin Luzon said

    hi do you have continental trail king protection 2.2 in stockand how much? Thanks

    • melvin said

      Hi, you can check it out at our sin ming store. Most probably there is stock but do call us before heading down.

  6. ken said

    Hi bro ! What are the continental tubes that’s available?

    • melvin said

      Hi, for now Maxxis and Kenda tubes are available only.

  7. Azri said

    Hi what size 26×2.35 or 26×2.4 tyres do you have? Price range? Im looking for a big tyre but for urban usage only.

    • melvin said

      Hi, urban tyres you might want to try the Maxxis Holly Roller 2.4 or the Kenda Small block 8 at 2.35, price range from $38 to $50.

  8. shahrin said

    hi may i know can i get a replacement for my tired and installation also at hougang outlet?whats the price also?

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes you can, depending on the tyres, price ranges from $35 to $55 and so on.

  9. bc lum said

    hi, do carry maxxis hookworm 26 x 2.5

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