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Redbull Ride+Style Weekend, Evolution of Fixies with BMX and MTB street Culture!

Redbull Ride+Style Weekend.

The Evolution of Fixies incorporate with the BMX and MTB street Culture!

Check out the video..

Redbull Ride+Style Weekend! Street footage and contest footage featuring Brad Parker, Daniel Torres, DJ Mull, Gus Molina, Jacob Ruff, Jacob Santos, Jamil Gray, Joe McKeag, Justin “Congo” Mitchell, Kareem Shehab, Kenny Arimoto, Kohei “Kozo” Fuji, Kris Fay, Matt Montoya, Matt Reyes, Matt Spencer, Michael Chacon, Miles Mathia, Scott Horton, Steven Jensen, Takahiro “Osaka Funny” Hizono, Teppei Iwabuchi “Nasty”, Tom LaMarche, Tyler Johnson, Yuhei Hirose “Marco”.

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Fixed Gears Red Bull Mini Drome Event!

And now for something completely different: Red Bull’s Mini Drome event. Combine the worlds smallest velodrome with some brave fixie riders, including Mongoose trials phenom Chris Akrigg, and you have one hell of a good show.

Watch the video inside to see if Chris cleaned up,
Video Click Here!

The world’s smallest velodrome came to York Hall in the East End of London on Saturday, January 15 in the form of Red Bull Mini Drome. Check out all the fixed gear action from Bethnal Green.

Tionghin Fixed Gear complete bike range are here!

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Fixed Gears invades Answer Rove DJ Stem & ProTAPER® 720 AM!

Initial Reaction: Answer Rove DJ Stem & ProTAPER® 720 AM

Got awesome package from Answer ( @Answerproducts ) today. Remember the Rove DJ stem I posted about earlier? Well that came, along with a pair of Answer’s new bars, the ProTAPER® 720 AM. Such an improvement over my previous cockpit. The bars feel a lot lighter and they look a lot lighter too. The tapers on these, along with the slight 4° up sweep, makes them look like a 25.4 bar. They’re not though. 31.8 all the way. Paired with the Rove DJ stem’s wide clamp bite, it’s one solid bar / stem combo.

Check out some more shots below…

50mm length. The nice thing about the stem is the actual stem body is thin, allowing even a short stem to maintain a nice proportion on the bike.

61mm wide faceplate, giving it a super stiff bite.

Clean machining too! The stem comes in a pewter finish, with 4 faceplate color options.

I chose black. Super stoked on this setup. Thanks to the guys at Answer for hooking it up!

Exclusively available at Tionghin, in store now!

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2011 Focale 44 Bikes and Parts + New Site

And now ladies and gentlemen, here are the 2011 Focale 44 bikes and parts packed in a brand new Focale 44 website. Some of the new models like Polo Bike, Fullmoon, and Noble are already sold out. If you are looking for a fixed gear bike, here’s your last chance – Get either the 2010 model at a fantastic price, or the new Relax/Revolted bikes while stock lasts. Enjoy the tour…

2011 Focale 44 Relax Bike in Brown

2011 Focale 44 Revolted Bike in Green

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2011 Focale 44 Bikes in Eurobike Show

2011 Focale 44 bikes are displayed on La Finca Distribution booth in Eurobike show, Germany (The biggest bike trade show on Earth). Thanks to, let have a quick look at the 2011 Noble, the 2011 Relax and the 2011 Revolted in advance. Those bikes will be available at our store in November 2010. Another new 2011 will be out at the same time: The Focale 44 Polo bike. Stay tuned for more info…

2011 Focale 44 Noble bike in blue

2011 Focale 44 Revolted bike in green

2011 Focale 44 Polo bike in black

Focale 44 is proud to introduce one of the first (If not the first) polo bike so far: the Polo bike. Yes, the bike name is so obvious that you instantaneously know what it is all about.

The attached picture above is the only we have now. A kind of spy shot from Eurobike show, taken by La Finca Distribution, Focale 44 distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That Polo bike has been developped in cooparation with a bikepolo team from Toulouse, France. Mainly with one of the crew: Théo Guerry. Starting from a Full Moon bike (Focale 44 first bike of the range), the following parts are changed to make it polo-ready. You can also take a look at the video below for more information on Bike Polo…

  • Short, and raised stem
  • Laidback seatpost
  • Comfortable seat
  • 28/16 gearing
  • 2 chainguards
  • 700×28c tires
  • 48-spoke wheels

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Fixed Gears From Focale 44 are here!

Proving that the fixed gear trend is most certainly international, French firm Focale 44 has released two more models to their bikes range. These fixed gear bikes – Full Moon (Black), Relax (Grey/Gold), Noble (Black/White) and Revolted (Red/Black) feature the stripped-down amenities that fixie fans adore – basic colors, simple handlebars and, of course, no brakes. The Focale 44 fixies come in two iterations, the first being a classic track bike layout with curved handle bars, the second being a street-minded commuter with a straight handle bar. These bikes are available now at our store, so what are you waiting for?

Full Moon is one of the newest modern/classic bike released by Focale 44 at affordable price range. Every Full Moon bike is delivered with brakes, freewheel and fixed sprocket. You can choose your riding style.

The Relax can be described as an “easy rider”, with a flat bar/stem combo and easy 42/16 gear ratio. The matt grey edition and gold finish give the bike a nice fancy with mixed modern-classical design frame and fork.

The plain black-white combination looks just great. The Noble is a little more serious, drop bars with grips on the lower section and a faster 46/16 gear ratio. The “Noble” is a perfect bike for those who like it clean.

Revolted is the one of the newest top notch modern/classic bike released by Focale 44 with Superstar revolte BMX stem, and narrow raised alloy handlebar.

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2011 Fixed Gears From Subrosa

So Subrosa’s launching their 2011 Complete Bike Collection later this week. I thought I’d put out a little preview of their new Subrosa Fixed completes. The complete line will drop around early July, but for now check out the new Malum and Letum fixed gears. See below for photos and specs.

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