Fork: Manitou 2014

2014 Manitou Mattoc Pro
The Mattoc is a nod to all the trailbuilders who make this sport possible, and Manitou set out to design a fork that is as exacting as it’s namesake. They built it for riders who like to earn the right to use gravity . A fork that provides efficient pedaling and yet can handle any terrain you throw at it, making it an ideal platform for enduro riding.


Travel Options: 140mm, 150mm, 160mm (26″ & 27.5″), 170mm (26″ Only) using the provided internal spacers
Weight: 1877g
Spring: DH Air (Dorado)
Spring Rate: n/a
Bottom Out: Adjustable HBO and Rubber Bumper
Crown: Forged Deep Bore Hollow
Offset: 41mm (26″) / 44 mm (27.5″)
Compression Damping: TPC Technology, MC2-In Leg
Rebound Damping Adjustable TPC Cartridge
Adjustments Air, Compression (High Speed and TPC+), Hydraulic Bottom Out, Rebound
Leg Diameter: 34mm
Leg Material: 7050 Butted Aluminium
Brake: Post Mount 180mm
Axle: QR15
Crown to Axle: 525 / 535 / 545 / 555 (26″), 535 / 545 / 555 (27.5″)

TPC (Twin Position Chamber): Providing 4-Dimensional Compression Damping; The velocity dependant circuit responds to the terrain while the Pressure Dependant Circuit flattens the bumps, the Energy Dependant Circuit activates on big hits while providing unmatched small bump sensitivity and the Position Dependant Circuit creates a bottomless feel.
Dorado Air Spring: Features a single air input on top of the fork and a large volume air spring to give a linear spring feel. Combined these give the ultimate sensitivity for any rider in any condition.

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