Complete Bike: NSBikes 2013

2013 NS Bikes Soda FR 2
The Soda FR is a truly adjustable, do-it-all bike for new-school riders. Perfect for slopestyle, jumps and tricks in the short chainstay and short travel setting. Switch to long travel, place the wheel in the long chainstay position and the bike transforms into a plush and stable mini-dh machine. And what’s important, you can get the seat up and ride the bike to your favorite location without breaking a sweat.


2013 NS Bikes Soda Slope
A radical new school slopestyle and dirt bike that can go where hardtails are just not enough. The heart of the bike is our new frame with custom formed tubes, big sealed bearings and tasty CNC features throughout. The concentric BB pivot system allows for a single speed setup for jumps but the bike can also be used with a derailleur for freeriding. We applied the same geometry concept that we use in our hardtails so anyone who likes the feel of our Metropolis bikes or Suburban/ Majesty frames will feel at home on the Soda.


2013 NS Bikes Holy 1
The Holy is the perfect complete package for hardcore street and park riding. Compact geometry and no unnecessary parts, a nice price and lots of space for upgrading and fine tuning. The bike is packed with high end features such as the full cromoly frame with an integrated headset based on the Suburban, an NS cromoly fork and 3-pc tubular cromoly Salt cranks from our friends at Wethepeople that are mounted on the 8 spline BB with big sealed bearings.

The geometry of the 26” version is the same as our high-end aftermarket frames, so when you slap on a suspension fork of your choice, the bike will have the same feel as the bikes that our pro riders use. But even right out of the box, the Holy will rock! Unlike many other bikes in this price range, there is no “do not jump!” warning sticker.

The 2013 Holy 1 comes with a refreshed look and some significant upgrades. The most important one is that the freewheel rear hub has been replaced with a high-end Octane One 11T driver hub. This allowed us to spec a real microdrive drivetrain that not only looks better, but lasts longer. Add to that the change of the tires to Kenda Small Block 8 and this bike is really in a different league than last year’s model.


2013 NS Bikes Metropolis 3
The Metropolis is a dedicated dirt jumping bike. You can take the Metro straight out of the box and head to Mellowpark to practice your 360 nosedives, or even go for a big backflip at a Crankworx event. If you are not planning to go so far, hit the streets and practice some off-the-bank tailwhips. The bike is ready for this kind of stuff because it has all the features of a modern pro-level dirt bike. The geometry and parts have been chosen by our top riders, therefore the build is significantly different than what you normally find in “corporate” bikes.

The Metropolis 3 is built on a solid NS frame and fitted with high end NS / Octane One aftermarket parts in the cockpit, and at this price level this is really something exceptional. Our aim was to make an bike accessible to everyone and offer 100% of the function that high end bikes have, with the only compromise being slightly higher weight. But actually – you can make that up for free – just eat less and work out more!

The 2013 Metropolis 3 comes with a new fork. We spec’d the RST Dirt RA fork with 100mm of travel as it is a great combination of value vs. functionality. The bike now has a disc brake in the rear instead of the v-brakes (front disc brake is gone but that is usually removed by the rider anyway). And one more cool upgrade – the tires have been changed to the grippy Kenda Small Block 8!


2013 NS Bikes Clash 1
The Clash is a true all-round fun bike with light alloy frame. Tough yet light, simple and multi-functional. The Clash is a hardtail that will feel great to ride hard on any kind of challenging terrain – from big drops and jumps to long climbs and winding singletrack. The bike will be stable at high speed and on big airs, but will also allow the rider to pedal back home quite comfortably. And even our hard-core dirt-jumping riders, who tried the Clash, reported that they felt totally at home with the riding position. So, if you want a do-it-all hardtail, you should be riding this bike.

The Clash 1 is a top-of-the-line machine, packed with a bunch of high-end parts – you will get the new X-Fusion Slant 140mm fork with a alloy steer tube and 15mm axle for weight saving, lightweight Kenda tires, sealed bearing front and rear hubs by Octane One, Sram X5 1×8 drivetrain, NS Fundamental rims, and many more great additions, all mounted on the beautiful new alloy frame.


2013 NS Bikes Clash 2
Despite the nice price, the Clash 2 is loaded with great components – you will find the light NS Quark stem, NS Terra handlebar, NS Aerial pedals, lightweight Kenda tires and Octane One saddle on this bike, all mounted on the beautiful new alloy frame.


For more information, please visit or contact us at the Sin Ming outlet.


  1. zuraimee said

    Hi, how much will the soda slope complete bike cost?

  2. candyyap said

    Hi. Will you be bringing soda air?

  3. candyyap said

    Could I know how much will a soda air cost?

  4. How much does it cost for NS Metropolis 2 2014 to ship to Bandung-Indonesia?

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