Brake: Disc Brake Hose

Shimano XT/XTR Disc Hose Straight
Replacement disc hose for Shimano XTR M975 and Deore XT M775 hydraulic disc brakes. Cuttable 1700 mm length for rear brakes.

Goodridge Hose
Goodridge have recently launched a hydraulic hose for use on mountain bikes disc brakes. Featuring the same hose as used on formula 1 cars, with a unique reusable fitting design, the hoses are being raved about. Currently being used by World Cup Champion Steve Peat, Cedric Gracia and Canada’s number one Dustin Adams, who described it simply as ‘awesome’. The MBUK review called it ‘nothing short of a revolution’ and scored it 10/10.

Jagwire HyFlow
HyFlow Quick-Fit hoses feature a pre-installed universal adapter at the caliper end of the hose. The universal adapter connects to the 0 degree Banjo fittings found in Jagwire’s Quick-Fit Fitting Kits designed for many popular systems. Cut the hose once to achieve your two desired lengths, then fit the lever hardware desire to the cut end and thread universal adapter end of the hose onto the Quick-Fit fitting installed on the caliper. Technology of this sort has been proven on motorcycle hydraulic systems for decades and the Quick-Fit caliper adapter brings it to the bicycle.One Quick-Fit hose and one Quick-Fit Fitting Kit is all you need for one bicycle.

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