Overhaul: Mtb Package

A mountain bike servicing will always be essential if you want to maintain your bike for maximum life and performance. A well maintained bike performs at its best and also ensures that your components last longer. All the training in the world won’t help if you get a mechanical fault in a big race, so limit those chances by being well prepared. We provide an overhaul bike service which involves stripping your bike down to the frame and its components.

Full Mountain Bike Service at $120 for hardtail and Full Mountain Bike Service at $140 for full suspension.

Overhaul process in DETAILS, we will let the pictures do the talking………

Overall process done during the overhaul of your bike,


Drive Train

Disc Brakes

V Brakes




Other services like hubs overhaul, bearings overhaul and brake caliper/lever overhaul pictures below…..

*Please note all service charges are for labour only, any parts required will be at additional cost.


  1. tommy said

    hi,how much you charge to service chris king headset ,re-grease

  2. Himmi said

    Hi.How much does it cost to service Chris King front and rear hubs?

    • melvin said

      Hi, price range from $40 to $50 depending on condition.

  3. J said

    Hi if i were to overhaul everything including the shocks for a all mountain full sus how much does it cost?

    • melvin said

      Hi, front and rear shock are usually charge individually, rough range price from $100 to $140 for one shock depending on the service center charges.

  4. Justin said

    Hi i would like to overhaul my hardtail. How long would it take and how much will it cost

    • melvin said

      Hi, would take around 2 weeks as there are some queue ahead, price is $120.

  5. Bryan said

    If I my bicycle parts from online shop , can you guys help me fix on my bike and how much did it cost

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do, labour charges for the entire bike is $100.

  6. Rynn said

    Hi..my husband is not use for a few years and now covered with dust.I wanted to use it.How much to cleanup?

    • melvin said

      Hi, full suspension overhaul service would be at $160.

  7. Eddy said

    Hi I got a polygon xtrada 3 I want to get a full servicing

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