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Suspension tuning or Service your fork with Stendec products now…

Stendec Crystal fork oil 2 Easy Glide Fork Grease

Stendec Crystal Fork oil is an exclusively formulated HSF fluid made from base oils and performance additives containing a radical new type of anti foaming agent. Crystal fluid is compatible with all seals and other fork components and actually increases seal life. Available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 weight, all grades can be mixed if required to produce a mid weight blend. Apart from offering excellent temperature stability and dampening its particularly slippy consistency also reduces fork leg stiction.

Protect your forks against corrosion and wear with Stendec performance fork grease.

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Titus FTM frames are available now!!!



The FTM is an efficient pedaller thanks to its “fully active” Horst link suspension design. A critical distinction with the Titus suspension design is that it forgoes the all-too-common rocker approach to the horst design. Many companies use a rocker to mate the rear triangle to the seat tube. Titus instead uses a strut-style Horst link design, replacing the traditional rockers with an ultralight one-piece compression molded carbon fiber X-Link. Since it uses the shock as part of the frame, this is perhaps the simplest “fully active” suspension design available — ideal for muddy areas. And the absence of rockers naturally reduces the overall weight of the frame.

“The FTM is a Near-Perfect Evolution of the Trail Bike – By Bike Mag after testing on the new Titus FTM

“The FTM falls into the same riding category as the Motolite, and the Motolite is a bike we have recommended for years, so comparisons are inevitable. We can tell you right now, the FTM is totally different from the Motolite in both appearance and performance” – Reviews on FTM given by Mountain Bike Action

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Authorised Distributor for 2010 Manitou Suspension and Sun Ringle


Manitou Suspension with Stendec Racing Performance Suspension Service and Tuning Center available here!

We are authorized for servicing and tuning of Manitou Forks and Shocks.

Stendec is the official development technician for the new Dorado MRD fork used by all the factory CRC Intense riders in 2008. Now nearing its launch we continue in 2009 with the next level in fork damping control. Team CRC Intense riders have all found that the ease of set up has given them more quality track time. An increase of corner speed and more bump sensitivity, a trait that the original Dorado was renowned for. Stendec offers all types of service and tuning options for the entire Manitou range. We provide suspension tuning and whole new servicing for entire Manitou Suspension range, Rock Shox Suspension range and Fox Suspension range with Stendec products.

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Pivot Frame with the New Technology

The dw-link suspension design allows Pivot to achieve the ultimate ride. The perfect balance of traction, acceleration, square edge bump performance, superior braking, and the ability to handle big hits with ease is what Pivot bikes are known for. The dw-link truly allows the tunability to give the rider the best pedaling performance possible without sacrificing braking or suspension feel. Simply put, the dw-link is the next level of suspension design.

Integrated Bottom Bracket
Pivot is the first frame manufacturer of its kind to feature a 92mm wide bottom bracket shell with internal Shimano XTR bearings. There are no external washers or threads in the shell. The bearings are housed in light composite resin cups with a full sealed sleeve to keep out the elements. This design allows for easy crank installation with no frame facing or special spacers required. Chain line is perfectly optimized and as an added plus, the bearings are extremely easy to replace and install and have a 3 year warranty from Shimano. The system works with Shimano, FSA and Race Face cranks.


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Authorized Dealer for Titus (Singapore)


Tiong Hin have the broadest selection of bikes to choose from and our knowledgeable staff is trained to help you select exactly the right bike for your riding needs. We can also help fit you to your new rig and will help make sure that your bike is set up properly the first time.

Remember, technical bikes like Titus, also require regular maintenance and adjustments and we, as the authorized dealer in Singapore, can be your best resource for these services. With an inventory of Titus-specific replacement parts, we are able to solve most product issues in a timely manner.

In order to exercise your rights under these limited warranties, the bicycle or frameset must be purchase from an authorized Titus dealer, together with proof of purchase. In case of a warranty claim, the decision to repair or replace the defective part is up to Titus.

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