2013 Atomlab Headset

Octane One WARP 1 INTEGRATED headset @ $45
The Warp-1 comes in a most popular BMX standard – Campy spec. This integrated headset will fit Void 3.0 and Spark frames. Build from high quality materials and fitted with sealed bearings. The top cup and crown race are made of aluminum. Star nut included.

Octane One WARP 1 sealed bearings headset @ $50
The Warp-1 is a light headset with slim and low shape. However it’s still plenty solid. Build from high quality materials and fitted with sealed bearings. The cups and top seal are made of aluminum, thicker in the places that need to be reinforced. This results in a combination of light weight and durability. Star nut included.

Chris King NoThreadSet Headset
The Chris King NoThreadSet™ is simple yet without limitation. It is equally appropriate on road or mountain bikes. It has been ridden to mountain bike world titles in both endurance and gravity disciplines and has crossed the finish line under yellow at the Tour de France. The NoThreadSet™ features aluminum cups, bearing cap, and stemcap built around our renowned stainless steel sealed bearings. Each NoThreadSet™ includes a stainless steel baseplate and our custom starnut with bolt. Nine colors are available in all three standard sizes (1″, 1-1/8″ and 1-1/4″).

Chris King headset

Chris King 1.5 NoThreadSet Headset
After more than thirty years of being around 1″ headsets, our 1.5 NoThreadSet sure looks a little strange. An important new feature of the 1.5 NoThreadSet is the PreLoader™, a system developed in place of the more commonly-used star nut. While Chris King believe the star nut is suitable for the applications of other headsets, the 1.5 has greater demands than the star nut can effectively handle.

Chris King 1.5 headset

Aerozine XH1.2 Headset


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