Overhaul: Fork package

A suspension servicing will always be essential if you want to maintain your fork and shox for maximum life and racing performance. A well maintained and tuned suspension will performs at its best.

As the Authorized Distributor for Manitou Suspension, we offer a wide range of all types of after-sales services, repairs, and tuning options for the entire Manitou range. Besides that, we also provide suspension tuning and whole new servicing for Rock Shox, Marzocchi and Fox Racing Shox suspension range with Stendec products, tuning/service options to your personal specification.

Probably the most important element in your suspension is oil – what type you use, how often it is replaced and what volume is used. Stendec has developed its own range of both fork and rear shock oil which greatly enhances performance. Apart from performing the dampening operation Crystal oils protect and therefore prolong the life of any unit – a strong consideration when choosing what type of oil to use.
Stendec Crystal Fork oil is a formulated HSF fluid made from base oils and performance additives containing a radical new type of anti foaming agent. Crystal fluid is compatible with all seals and other fork components and actually increases seal life. Available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 weight, all grades can be mixed if required to produce a mid weight blend. Apart from offering excellent temperature stability and dampening its particularly slippy consistency also reduces fork leg stiction.

More informations at Stendec-Works

Fork Overhaul services

Fork Custom Tuning services

Fork Travel change services

Rear Shock Air Sleeve change services


  1. Paul said

    Hi, how much will it cost to overhaul (Seal replacement, oil change etc) a 2013 Fox Talas 120/140mm fork??

    • melvin said

      Hi, for the Talas system, price would be around $140 – $160 depending on the local Fox distributor charges for the entire system seal replacement and dust seal cap replacement as well.

  2. Billy Seck said

    Hi, does it mean you charge S140-160 as service charge and additional charge for entire seal and dust seal replacement? How long do you need to preform such service? Is it possible over two years as we are from overseas.

    • melvin said

      Hi, depending on the local agent charges on the fork. Price range would be that range inclusive of seals usually.

  3. Daven Chan said

    do you guys service Fox float RP2 rear shock. if yes how much is cost n how long?

  4. Aming Brunei said

    Hi may I know how long will it takes to service and change the air sleeve and seal for my Fox 34 Float Evolution 26?

    • melvin said

      Hi, it probably would take around 2 weeks.

  5. GVMTB said

    hi can you service my marz bomber 66 ata, if yes how much. thanks

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do. Which year model is your 66?

  6. Clark said

    Hi, do you do oil change for Fox Float 32 FIT CTD? I suspect my fork dont have the correct oil (as I read sometimes they come out of the factory with little to no oil)? How much would that cost, how long does it take and do you do it in your Hougang store? Thanks!

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do replace and service the necessary components of the entire fork. Duration usually 1/2 day for the fork, possible to bring it over to sin ming store instead? Thanks.

  7. azaman said

    Hi do you service 2012 rockshox monarch plus? if yes, how much?

  8. Danny said

    Hi how much will it cost to service a rockahox duke.

    • melvin said

      Hi, labour is $80 without parts yet (eg. seals) for servicing.

  9. Andrew said

    Hi. How much do u charge to lower the travel of Manitou circus comp from 100mm to 80mm?

  10. rey ogalino said

    I need help on my manitou sherman, can u guys give me a call or sms when i can send my fork.thanks

    • melvin said

      Hi, had already reply you on the address to send in.

  11. Jeffrey said

    how much for full servicing of fox talas 120/140mm? how long it will take to finish?

    • melvin said

      Hi, price ranges around $140 depending on which parts needed for rebuild. Probably a week to finish.

  12. Ilyaz said

    Hi, how much do you charge to service a manitou mattoc? And which store should i send it to? Thank you.

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do, charges are at $90. you may send it to our sin ming outlet. Thanks.

  13. Ain said

    Hi.. do u do customised fork?

  14. Stephen said

    Can you service my Rockshox Recon Gold Tk please? It’s a 2012 model. If so how much would it cost and how long would it take? Thanks stephen

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do, duration around 3 workings days. Price at $80.

  15. Jun Wei said

    Hi, do you provide fork replacement service for a self purchase RockShox 30 GOLD TK Solo Air ? If yes how much would it be ?

  16. Sean said


    How much would it cost to increase the travel of “Rock Shox 30Gold TK29 100 remote” from 100 to 120? How long would it take? Can this be done in the Sin Ming branch?


    • melvin said

      Hi, depending on parts, price is at around $35 for labour. Yes, only available at sin ming branch.

  17. Din Ellias said

    Hi, how much do u charge for overhaul of an old manitou sherman flick? And how long would it take?

    • melvin said

      Hi, usual charges are at $90 for labour. Duration probably a week.

  18. Ernest said

    Hi i had fox talas 36 RC2 that the responce and bounce is too slow. Is this can still service and how much for labor and parts?

    • melvin said

      Hi, for the Talas system, price range for seal kit and labor charges are around $140.

  19. Iyan said

    Hi my Marzocchi 888 is leaking how much it will cost and how long it would take? thanks

    • melvin said

      Hi, labour charges are at $100, replacement seals are not included yet.

  20. Entong said


    How much it cost to reduce travel for rockshox sektor from 140 – 120mm?

    • melvin said

      Hi, labour charges are at $35.

      • Entong said

        Hi thanks for the info, I will bring my fork in one of this days. Is it in Sing Ming right?

      • melvin said

        Hi, yes the Sin Min outlet. 🙂

      • Entong said

        sorry my bad, it’s Sin Ming 😦

      • melvin said

        No worries about it.

  21. barry said

    Hi how much to service a Fox float 32 fit rlc and also Fox rp23?

    • melvin said

      Hi, for the fox float 32 rlc, charges are at $90, the fox rp23 with seal kit all change, charges are at $140.

  22. Fadly said

    Hello. My fork bottomed out due to a big hit last week and I have been losing air in my 120mm Fox 32 Float CTD FiT fork. Need to have a look and service. How much will it cost?

    • melvin said

      Hi, price for the Fox 32 series are usually at $90 without parts yet.

  23. CJ said

    Hi there I have a set of marzocchi Z1 bam 1998 forks and I am looking for the quote for a full rebuild service quote. It is likely that the seals also need changing. Is that something you could source or would I need to provide that?

    • melvin said

      Hi, you would need to provide the seal kit to us too and labour with oil and rebuild would cost $90.

  24. Radd said

    Hi and good day. Is it possible to replace the crown-steerer tube assembly of my Fox talas 36? The Steerer tube is too short for my new frame set. Roughly how much does that cost? Thank you very much.

    • melvin said

      Hi, depending on the year series and coating for the stanchion tubes. Price ranges from $450 to $600.

  25. Fazli said

    HI can i check whether you all still service marzocchi bomber Ata 55 forks?

  26. Patrick Tan said

    Hi, how much do you charge to service marzocchi bomber 55 rc3 ti .
    ( Change of oil and seal )

    • melvin said

      Hi, labour charges are at $90. Seals and parts not included yet.

      • Patrick Tan said

        when is the best time for me to send it down .thanks

  27. Alex Saw said

    Hi, I currently have a 2012 Fox 32 Talas FIT 150mm. It is currently not able to rebound when I ride on the bike. But when I dismount the bike, it will rebound back. I also noticed that the TALAS adjustment is also not working anymore. The lockout still works and the air pressure is correct. Please advise what could be the potential issue and how much will the estimated servicing cost and duration?

    • melvin said

      Hi, depending on the agent, probably takes a few weeks.

  28. Ramlan said

    Hi bro…
    How much do you charge to change the lower leg of 26″ 2014 Fox 32 Float Factory Series Kashima FIT CTD to 27.5?

  29. Nanobot said

    Hi. I want to do a full service on my rock shox reba. And also lower down the travel from 120mm to 100mm. How much will that cost?

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do, labour for everything at $110.

  30. Foo fangyaw said

    Hihi, do u service and repair manitou sherman

  31. Ahmad said

    Hello there. How much to full service a marzocchi 66 rc2x 2007 model and what is the downtime? E fork seals will need replacement as it is old and has started to crack from the age. Hope to hear from u soon! Reply via my email if u can!

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do overhaul the mention fork but we do not have any 2007 Marzocchi seals in stock.

  32. Adyl said

    Hi, i have a RockShox Recon Gold TK solo air suspension that seems to have oil on the knob used to adjust the rebound. Is it possible for you to service it? If so, how much would it cost

  33. Andrew Bennett said

    Hi. I have some Marzocchi Bomber forks that need a full servicing. Please could you email me with a quote and details of where I need to bring my bike. Thanks.

  34. Darlin said

    Hi, How much it cost to service a rock shox pike 150mm RTC3 ?

    • melvin said

      Hi, price includes labour but without parts at $90.

  35. Nel said

    Where’s your address? And contact number, I want to servicing my manitou r seven, thanks

    • melvin said

      Hi, you might drop the fork at our sin ming branch. Shop contact at 66590903.

  36. Sayuti said

    Hi. How much does it cost to do servicing for Fox 32 series. Tapered 140mm travel. (I don’t know the model exactly). For 26″. And how Long will it take pls. Tq

    • melvin said

      Hi, services labour usually ranges from $90 to $110 depending on which model. Duration would be dependent on queue.

  37. Fido said

    Hi, how much to service marz bomber fork? Duration?

    • melvin said

      Hi, labour charges are at $90. Duration depending on queue.

  38. Hi do your do servicing for marzocchi bomber rs 55 fork? Around 2012 model

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do but without any dust cover seals replacement as local parts not available.

  39. Nel said

    How much repair for rock shock tora 302, lock not working

  40. Nel said

    My rock shock tora 302 solo air have sound while rebound, how much the repair ? Thanks

  41. firdaus said

    Hi do you service Rockshox Reverb dropper post(external routing)? If yes how much will it be?

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes we do, misc like oil and valves/seals with labour are at $100.

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes, labour charges are at $100 including oil.

  42. Mac said

    Hi i have a fox 34 float140mm. I want to add mote travel to make 160mm. How much and how long to do the service. Tnx

    • melvin said

      Hi, which year model and series of your fork?

    • melvin said

      Hi, depending on the fork, usual labour charges are at $45.

  43. Edward said

    Hullo, How long would it take to service my rockshox reverb external, and estimated charges to replace the seals and teflon bushing, and perhaps the pins. Thanks!

    • melvin said

      Hi, labour charges are at $100 without parts yet, duration would depend on the current queue.

  44. stevie tay said

    Hi do you do conversion for rockshox xc32 tk coil to air?

  45. Ahmad said

    How much for the CTD float evolution Shock Air Sleeve change services?

    • melvin said

      Hi, for air sleeve seals only, labour is at $45 exclude seal kit.

  46. Leo said

    Hi, how much u charge for overhaul marzocchi bomber dual crown fork?

  47. Neil louie said

    How much full rebuild of RS reverb seatpost? Which include servicing of the internal fluid?

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes as mention from you they are included, $100 include labour.

  48. Sim Peng shin said

    Hi, my reverb stealth seatpost is stuck in the down position. Are you able to fix it? If yes, how much does it cost?

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