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Bike Checks: New Build on a Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon!

We will be featuring bikes that are build at Tionghin from now and having a bike checks on the complete set up!

Bike Checks on a Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon!!

Custom Nomad with details finishes!!

We do provide Race Shield protections on your bikes with additional cost on the labour charges too!

Read on..

The complete build of the bike!

Components List
Frame: 2014 Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon
Fork: 2014 Rock Shock Pike 160mm
Headset: Cane Creek headset
Wheels: Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs with Sun Ringle Helix TR27 on Wheelsmith DB14 spokes
Tires: Maxxis High Roller 2 650B 2.30 front and rear
Bar: Enve RSR bar
Grip: Crank Brother Lock on grip
Crank: Sram XX1 Crankset
Brake: Shimano XT brakes
Rotor: Shimano Ice Tech Rotor 180mm front and 160mm rear
Stem: Thomson X4 50mm 31.8 Stem
Seatpost: KS LEV INT seatpost
Saddle: WTB Saddle
Pedal: HT Pedals
Cassette: Sram XX1 cassette
Shifters: Sram XX1
Rear derailleur: Sram XX1
Front derailleur: Nil
Chain Guide Device: Nil
Chain: Sram XX1 chain

Stay tune for more upcoming new builds and bike checks!

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Sun Ringle Pro SL and 650b wheels for 2013!!

Hayes Components have a lot going on among their brands, but Sun Ringle posted the biggest product news during the Deer Valley PressCamp last week. The high-performance, economically priced brand launched an SL line, which includes new Black Flag and Charger models in 26in, 29in and 650b. These are lighter and wider than the basic Pro models, which will stay in the line.

Along with the wheel news, Hayes revisited the plethora of improvements they’ve rolled out this spring. This has included the Crosshair set screw adjustment featured on their hydraulic brake line, the 20/20 Marathon bar from Answer and a new tuning kit for Manitou’s Absolute+ dampers that allows dealers to make a half-dozen terrain- and rider-specific tweaks.

Sun Ringle Black Flag and Charger Pro SL

Sun Ringle’s economical but high-performance Black Flag Pro and Charger Pro wheels have massive axle compatibility and a BST (Bead Socket Technology) rim profile licensed by Stan’s NoTubes. The Hayes engineers have taken these hoops’ massive feature-sets and made them lighter, wider and stronger.

The Black Flag Pro SL and Charger Pro SL wheels use new proprietary 6000 series aluminum alloy rims that are 1.5mm taller and 1mm narrower externally but with the same inner profiles – 23mm for Black Flag and 27mm for Charger. All the top-level Sun Ringle rims used on Black Flag, Charger and the ADD downhill wheels are eyeleted and welded.

The Charger Pro SL 29er wheelset – a 26in version is also available.

Both of the new SL wheels will cost under US$900 and lose significant weight from the standard Pro models. The Black Flag Pro SL drops to 1,440g for a 26in wheel and 1,600g for the 29in version. The Charger Pro SL falls to 1,550g in 26in and 1,700g for the 29er. Sun Ringle’s 26in wheels use 24 spokes front and rear, with cross-two lacing, while the 29ers get 28 spokes with a cross-three pattern. The SL models use bladed spokes, which are thicker and add stiffness to the wheels.

The hubs are new, too, and the rear features a wider hub flange for a 30 percent increase in bracing angle, which Sun Ringle say helps increase stiffness for the 29in wheels. The freehub now uses a new four-pawl freehub mechanism, which decreases the engagement 50 percent from 15 degrees to 7.5.

“As a general rule of thumb, when the engagement drops durability also slightly drops because the teeth are much smaller,” said Luke Musselman, aftermarket sales manager at Hayes. “What we’ve done is increase surface area between the pawl and the teeth [because each pawl engages two teeth]. Since we’ve increased the surface area between the pawls and teeth, durability is actually up on this freehub.”

All the wheels come with an array of end caps for axle compatibility, as well as being tubeless (via Stan’s NoTubes tape) with valve stems. They even come with Stan’s NoTubes sealant. New for 2013, Sun Ringle will include two replacement spokes for each spoke length used, as part of the new wheel package.

Charger Pro and Expert 650b

Also in 2013, Sun Ringle will enter the 650b fray. “We’ve gone with the Charger Pro, with its 28mm wide rim, and an Expert level [Charger] also,” said Musselman. “These will be available by Eurobike. The reason we’ve gone with the Charger 28mm [27mm internal width] rim is because the [650b] bikes are trending right now between 130mm and 160mm trail bikes.”

The Charger Pro 650b set will cost US$675.

The new wheels don’t have the new SL hubs, bladed spokes or 6000 series rims but do sport all the features of the standard Pro series wheels. These include the full range of hub axle compatibility, the Stan’s NoTubes BST rim profile, tape and sealant.

The Charger Pro 650b wheels will run at US$675, and the Expert models costing US$525.

Available soon at Tionghin!

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SUNRingle 2011 Punch Wheelset are in!

SUNRingle 2011 Punch
Hardcore wheelset for Freeride and Dirt jump application.

  • Estate Rims
  • Demon Hubs
  • 15mm, 20mm Front Axle Option (both included)
  • 135×12 or 135×10 Standard Drop-Out Compatible
  • Bolt-On Rear Axle Included for Standard Drop-Out
  • Quick Release Compatible
  • Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes
  • 3 Cross, 32 Lacing
  • Wheelsmith Brass Nipples
  • 26″- 2375g
  • Rim Strips Included

Grab them while stock last!

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Answer’s New XC Stem, Sun Ringle Punch DJ Wheels gets Graphics!

Shown here in a really long 120mm size, Answer’s new forged alloy XC stem. It’ll be available June 1 in black and white for $85 and come in 70, 90, 100, 110 and 120 lengths. For some reason, my photo of it on a scale disappeared, so not sure of the weight, but it felt in line with other brands’ alloy offerings. More pics of this, plus Sun-Ringle’s new Punch dirt jump wheels with graphics to match their Circus DJ fork…

Hayes Bicycle Group (Answer, Manitou, Hayes, Sun-Ringle) showed hometown pride by bringing several Milwaukee Bicycle Co. frames to display their products. At left, the front cap of the new XC stem. At right, a different stem, but that’s the white color the new one will come in.

We saw these wheels naked at Interbike, and now they’ve finalized graphics that keep with the big top theme!

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Sun Ringle Debuts A.D.D. Tubeless Downhill Wheelset!

Sun-Ringle’s new A.D.D. tubeless downhill wheels license Stan’s NoTubes rim technology for quick, easy tubeless tire seating.

While the license limits them to using the rim tech on complete wheels only, Sun-Ringle took the overall rim design a step further by adding eyelets at the spoke nipple holes to allow them to run higher tension and build up a stronger, more durable rim and wheel.

Full specs and photos below…

The A.D.D. Pro wheelset is built on Jumping Flea-like hubs with direct pull spokes that are only available on this wheel set. Quick specs are:

  • 1995g / set
  • 12×150 or 12×135 rear
  • 20mm and 15mm frot adaptable hub
  • Rim width 30mm
  • Expert series will be available, too, with a heavier hub but same Stan’s rim.
  • 28 spoke front and rear
  • Wheelsmith DB spokes
  • $649 Pro / $499 Expert
  • Available in July
  • 1 year Mfr’s defects warranty

I also learned that Hayes Bicycle Group (they own Sun-Ringle) manufactures these in their Chinese factory, and they make Stan’s rims, too.

For a component that’s meant to take some serious abuse and is often replaced or completely rebuilt once or more per season, these look to be pretty solid and, at just $650/set, a steal. In fact, most of Sun-Ringle’s wheelsets are extremely competitively priced and tough to beat on weight and quality for the money.

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New Manitou, Sun Ringle and Hayes – Taipei Cycle Show 2011

Manitou debuts their QR15 HexLock axle equipped Marvel trail fork inside, and you can also check out Sun Ringle’s brand new Carbon SRD wheels.

2012 sees Manitou make the leap to a 15mm thru-axle on their Marvel trail/XC fork, although one can only assume that it is just a matter of time until we see it on other models that currently use 9mm QR dropouts.

Manitou Marvel Pro details:

  • 100mm/120mm of travel
  • Iso Air spring
  • ABS+ Damper
  • Adjustments: air pressure, compression to lockout, rebound
  • QR15 HexLock thru-axle
  • Tapered steerer tube
  • 3.3lbs (100mm travel w/ QR15 HexLock axle)

Hayes Prime Expert

  • Tool Free Dead Stroke (essentially pad contact point adjustment)
  • Hayes standard disc hose
  • Stamped stainless disc rotor
  • Steel/aluminum hardware (clamp screws, bridge bolts, mount bolts)
  • Steel hardware (mount washer, banjo, banjo bolt, pivot bolt, pad pin)
  • Pad printed graphics
  • Titacon lever bushing
  • Semi-metallic pads
  • No hose grommets
  • Steel push rod
  • Claimed 415g

The Prime is designed to offer tool free contact/reach adjustment and increased braking power over their Stroker brake.  They’ve developed a new rotor as well to match this new brake.

Hayes Prime Pro

  • Tool Free Dead Stroke (essentially pad contact point adjustment)
  • Hayes premium disc hose
  • Two piece floating rotor standard
  • Titanium hardware (clamp screws, bridge bolts, mount bolts)
  • Anodized aluminum hardware (mount washer, banjo, banjo bolt, pivot bolt, pad pin)
  • Lazer etched graphics
  • Titacon lever bushing
  • Sintered metallic pads
  • Standard hose grommets
  • Titanium push rod
  • Premium finish
  • Claimed 385g

Manitou have adapted their proven HexLock axle system – the axle has a hex shape in the clamping zones as opposed to being round – to the 15mm standard, incorporating a quick release lever into the design. There are updates to the 2012 Marvel Pro hidden inside as well, with the fork using their new Iso Air design that is said to be more compliant than other air sprung systems, especially at the top of the travel – the achilles heel of many air springs. The fork uses TPC+ internals to control damping. The Marvel is available in two travel options; 100mm and 120mm, and you can choose between black or white lowers.

Hayes announced the coming of the PRIME brake some time ago and it looks like things are finally falling into place.  Check inside for a video overview as well as product highlights on the Prime Pro and Prime Expert disc brakes.

Manitou’s QR15 HexLock thru-axle uses a 90 degree quick release lever to disengage the axle from the lowers. The gold dial adjusts the tension once the QR lever is tightened down. Adjust it once and it is set from then on in.

Sun Ringle also showed Pinkbike their new Carbon SRD trail bike wheels are sure to have many riders drooling. The non-tubeless rims are 26mm wide, perfect for the high volume 2.35 inch tires that many trail riders use, and are strung together with straight pull double butted Wheelsmith spokes (24 per wheel) and anodized red aluminum nipples. Total claimed weight is 1555 grams, although the goal is also to be much stiffer than aluminum rimmed options that also approach the weight.

The Carbon SRD trail bike wheels are sure to have many riders drooling. The non-tubeless rims are 26mm wide, perfect for the high volume 2.35 inch tires that many trail riders use, and are strung together with straight pull double butted Wheelsmith spokes (24 per wheel) and anodized red aluminum nipples. Total claimed weight is 1555 grams, although the goal is also to be much stiffer than aluminum rimmed options that also approach the weight.

Sun Ringle Carbon SRD details:

  • Carbon 26mm wide rims
  • 24 straight pull spokes per wheel
  • Sealed bearings
  • Front hub options: 9mm QR/15mm/20mm
  • Rear hub options: 9mm QR/12x135mm/12x142mm

Manitou offers wide after market colour forks to match your bikes!

Be prepared for the New 2012 upcoming products from the Hayes Bicycle Group that will be available at Tionghin! Stay tune….!

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SUN RINGLE MTX 29 featured at DIRT 100 for 2011 products!

“DIRT 100 2011: SUN RINGLE MTX 29” By Author: intern

We don’t know what it is about these rims that makes them quite so good, but the simple fact is that they are. Actually it’s a combination of all sorts of things. Firstly at 29mm wide they’re a good width for pretty much any size tyre, secondly at 570g they’re far from heavy, and finally as long as they’re not built up by a monkey they can survive an incredible amount of abuse.

You can happily use these as part of a hard hitting set of trail wheels, but on the other hand they’ve proved strong enough to be used as a lightweight set of DH race rims. Oh yeah, there is a twenty quid cheaper ‘pinned’ version, but unless the bailiffs are about to knock on the door we’d go for these welded ones every time.

check out the Sun Ringle MTX 29

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