Brake: Disc Brake Rotors

Hayes Prime Gold Floating Rotor
Two piece stainless steel floating rotor.

Hayes Prime Black Floating Rotor
Two piece stainless steel floating rotor.

Baradine Superlight Rotor
One piece stainless steel rotor.

Shimano XTR Ice Tec Disc Rotor
Underpowered brakes lead to defensive riding technique and, ultimately, to slower lap times. Enter the new XTR brake rotor, which encourages racers to attack technical downhill sections with confidence, leaving the competition squealing and squawking in the dust.
Power is pointless if it can’t be maintained. Heat buildup is the enemy of any brake system, and IceTech features including aluminium-core rotors help dump heat and maintain consistent power.
These innovative Ice Tech brake rotors feature an aluminium core clad with stainless steel braking surfaces. The innovative design sheds weight, dissipate heat and dramatically improves overall performance.

Shimano XTR Disc Rotor Splined RT97
Shimano XTR lightweight Disc Rotor for use with XTR or XT Caliper brakes and Shimano Splined fitting Disc Hubs.

Shimano XT/Saint Disc Rotor Splined RT79
Shimano Saint/XT splined rotor.

Shimano XT Disc Rotor 6-Bolt RT76
Shimano Disc Rotor XT RT76

Shimano SLX Disc Rotor Splined RT64
SLX splined disc rotor from Shimano.

Magura Storm SL Rotor
The fabulous STORM SL rotor. Available in IS 6-holes pattern. With adaptor also Centerlock compatible.

Magura Disc Magura SL Rotor
In 2006 Magura offer the SL rotors with diameters of 210, 190, 180, and 160mm. All of them come with 6 fitting holes and are compatible with the MAGURA Centerlock adaptor.

Magura Disc Magura Marta SL Rotor
Replacement disc rotor for the Magura Disc brake system. International Standard 6-Bolt fitting.

Magura Disc Magura Louise Vented Rotor
Enhanced ventilation disc with improved performance under extreme riding conditions.

Hope Disc Mono 6 Saw Disc
These Floating rotors are now a firm favourite amongst both performance orientated riders and those just looking for something a little different. These rotors have a stainless steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier. As well as offering a significant weight saving, they also allow the rotors to expand or contract with changes in temperature. The rotors are available in 183 and 203mm in the full range of colours.

Hayes Disc Rotor
V6 Rotor:

V7 Rotor:

V8 Rotor

Avid G3 Clean Sweep Rotor
Varying cutout sizes and shapes vastly improve heat dissipation, which in turn greatly reduces heating of the brake fluid creating a consistent braking feel. It also sheds approximately 10g over the G2 Clean Sweep rotor design.

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