Accessories: RaceShield

Product Quality

RACEshield is extremely abrasive resistant, and will withstand the impact from years of constant scuffs, and weathering, and is guaranteed to remain optically clear year after year.


Clarity and Durability

Because the film is 100% aliphatic urethane, and does not require a protective top coat, RACEshield has an optically clear, high gloss finish that is a direct result of the internal make-up of our urethane (it does not have a clear coat in order to obtain these amazing results) and it does not require a clear coat to maintain this brilliant clarity year after year.

This feature allows you to install and clean the urethane onto your expensive bicycle & components aggressively, without scratching the surface, which is extremely helpful when removing mud & debris, from your bicycle. What you benefit is :-

The patented acrylic adhesive will withstand lubricants, oils, UV rays, and unlike the competition, also contains an anti-corrosion polymer which inhibits rust and mold growth.

Due to the tremendous strength and UV resistance, RACEshield comes with a 5 year warranty program.

RaceShield will provide you with a 1-1 exchange against material defect (i.e. cracking, creeping and shrinking) within the period!

Products in stock

  1. Generic Frame
  2. Generic ChainStay
  3. Generic Cable Rub
  4. Shimano Cranks
  5. Fox front fork
  6. Generic Fork

Get yours now at Tionghin!


  1. Desmond said


    Do you have pre-cut race shield for 29er fork? Thanks.


    • melvin said

      Hi, we do not have any in stock. Do contact us directly to pre order. Thanks.

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