2012 NS Bikes Sam Pilgrim Grip
Sam Pilgrim – a guy from nowhere who won just about every competition in the 2011 season as soon as he signed with NS. These two stories are etched into these grips, letter by letter. One grip is dedicated to Sam, one to the NS design team. Both stories are actually rap lyrics, and one day you will hear them being performed live by the guys themselves.
The grips have a great feeling, have plenty of body but remain reasonably thin.
They feature bolt-on plastic bar-ends with elastomer inserts as this is the ONLY solution that works with all kinds of handlebars – both steel & alloy. The bar-end is our own custom shape and features a moulded NS logo. It’s thicker than most stock solutions so it should last a little bit longer. The outside diameter is slightly smaller than our grips so it won’t feel uncomfortable in your palms.

Octane One BOLT-ON LONG grips @ $28
Bolt-on grips made from high quality rubber, equipped with 2 aluminum bolt collars, offered in various color versions to match your bike! With 145mm width these grips should be used without shifters. Mushroom style ribbed pattern is strong and comfortable. A new better, softer rubber compound is used. The result is great feel and more durability. Bar ends included!

Adam Hauck Grip @ $15

adam hauck grip

Answer Fall Line XC Grip @ $32
The Fall Line XC grips offer the right combination of cushioning and traction for all-day comfort and control. Lock-on rings make them easy to install and keep them firmly in place.

Fall Line XC grips
Fall Line XC grips 2

Answer Fall Line DH Grip @ $32
The Fall Line DH grips are skinny and grippy for ultimate control. Lock-on rings make them easy to install and keep them firmly in place.

Answer Fall Line DH Grip
Answer Fall Line DH Grip2

ODI Yeti Hardcore Lock-On
The Lock-On version incorporates the same features that made the Dual-Ply model the world’s leading seller.

ODI Rogue MTB Lock-On
Somewhere in between the ultra hard Ruffian and the super soft Yeti Hardcore is the Rogue. Soft grooved tread provide grip and comfort in all conditions

ODI Ruffian MTB Lock-On
If you are a control freak and want to be sure you can negotiate those hair raising corners, the Ruffian is the grip of choice. Its narrow racing profile, rugged “diamonized” surface and durable ends were developed with the avid racer in mind.


  1. Ron Chan said

    how much is the ODI grip

  2. Evilshady said

    Hi TH, do u guys bringing in ESI extra chunky grips?

  3. AT said

    Hi, do you have the ODI Rogue and how much?

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