Shimano XT Shifters 10sp M780
Dyna-Sys 10-speed shifters with Vivid indexing and Multi and 2-Way release to exceed the demands of ever changing bicycle designs and riding styles

Shimano XTR Shifters 10sp M980
Vivid Index shifting combines light, linear action and optimized ergonomics.

Shimano XT Shifters 10sp M770
Dyna-Sys —Next generation 10s drivetrain optimized for modern MTB.
New options of the Dyna-Sys 10s drivetrain for the Deore XT lineup. Dyna-Sys does not deliver only 10s drivetrain to MTB, but also a dynamic power transfer and the newest system with optimized stability.
DEORE XT Shifters: Rapidfire Plus Shifters. 2-Way Release. Two position clamp band. Alloy main lever. Multi bearing (2pcs). Removable Optical Gear Display.

Shimano SLX Shifters 10sp M660
Tough, Aggressive, Light.
“Shimano SLX” has a high image and covers All-Mountain. Many functions of SLX are different than XT and Deore. That means SLX has several distinctive features including a front double chainwheel as an option, which XT or Deore doesn’t have.
Rapidfire Plus Shifter. 2-way release and in-outboard positioning

Shimano XTR Shifter Pod 9sp M970
Since its introduction, XTR has held true to its original design philosophy of delivering top-level performance in a lightweight, beautifully-engineered package. For 2006, XTR raises the bar again – by reducing complete group weight by almost a pound, increasing stiffness & strength, and delivering even more durability. When combined with innovative new features, XTR delivers the ultimate riding experience.
Instant-release shifting: A click of the release lever (upper lever) releases cable tension, same as it always has. The difference is that it now releases immediately when the lever is depressed making shifts that much faster.

Shimano Saint Shifters 9sp M810
Proven RapidFire Plus shifting technology combined with compact, adjustable ergonomics.

Shimano XT Shifters 9sp M770
M770 XT 9-speed Rapidfire Pods

Shimano SLX Shifters 9sp M660
The SLX Rapidfire Plus shifters feature 2-Way Release technology that enables the release lever to be operated in two directions. Furthermore it has an inboard/outboard mounting option and a removable optical gear display with an integrated cover plate, similar to that currently seen on Deore XT.

Shimano Deore Shifters 9sp M590

SRAM XX Trigger Shifter 10sp
XX was a global effort. Working across ten locations in six countries with an amazing team of engineers and designers, we collaborated to build the new standard of lightweight MTB performance. Driven and tested by our global teams of athletes, XX became a reality.
One of the lightest and most compact shifters ever created, the XX Trigger features a fully adjustable carbon fiber lever, resulting in minimal weight with maximized durability. Pair the XX Trigger with the MatchMaker™ X clamp to streamline your handlebar setup. The XX Trigger maintains the legacy of X.0™ shifting with new features and technologies optimized for 2×10 and Exact Actuation.

SRAM X0 Trigger Shifter 9sp
The professional’s choice. Experience SRAM® X.0™. The pro-ready rear derailleur that’s lighter, stiffer, smoother and flat-out better looking than anything out there. With a potent mix of high-grade metals, forged aluminium and titanium. With Reinforced carbon composite, advanced engineering and smart design, SRAM® X.0™ is the ideal upgrade for your current SRAM® system.
1:1 Actuation™ is simply superior. The very nature of its design makes it this way. For every 1 unit of cable pulled or released, the derailleur moves the same amount. Simple? Yes. Dependable and tolerant? The best. Ease of set-up and adjustment? Easiest. This is why the top athletes in the MTB world prefer SRAM. From the mud infested Cross Country of the Sea Otter Classic, to the rocks and roots of a Fort William World Cup Downhill the 1:1 actuation stays precise and fluid. 1:1 Actuation precision is why you find SRAM on the elite bikes from cross-country flyers to full gravity bombers.

SRAM X9 Trigger Shifter 9sp
High performance and tons of style guaranteed. Heavily inspired by X.0, with materials and technologies to meet the demands of any rider. New features for the X9 Trigger Shifters include SRAM’s ZERO Loss Travel™, and adjustable clamp positions, just like it’s bigger brother X.0. The rear derailleur has also been re-designed, and features a forged B-Knuckle for improved stiffness, and the addition of a short cage option. …..and for the first time, there is now a dedicated X9 Front Derailleur available to complete your drivechain!
Technology: Zero Loss Travel, 1:1 Actuation Ratio for precise indexing and control
Speeds: 9 rear and 3 front
Materials: Aluminium Alloy, Composite lower cover, Stainless steel hardware
Compatibility: SRAM 1:1® rear derailleur’s, SRAM or Shimano® front derailleurs
Features: Adjustable Clamp, Avid Matchmaker™ compatable
Other:Teflon coated cables, StraightShot cable replacement, Alloy barrel adjuster.
Weight 262g / pair

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