Spoke / Nipples

Atomlab Torque Nipples
Torque nipples are lighter and stronger than standard brass nipples. They not only lighten each wheel by over 20 grams, their wide alloy interface creates a stronger, stiffer wheel. The Torx socket back (instead of a slot for a flathead screwdriver) makes it easier to build wheels and the large wrench interface makes it much easier to tension the spokes. Also, the connection at the spoke hole has a larger pivot range which reduces the stress on the spoke.

Pillar Ti Butted Spoke @ $6 Per Pc
Ti in the Pillar spokes was a new ti alloy from Reynolds that was everything they wanted but not easy to weld. Using Pillar patented cold forge technology, it save up to 40% less weight than normal stainless steel.

Pillar 14G Spoke @ $40
Pillar spoke is four times stronger than standard spokes using its patented reinforce technology that has been developed for more than seven years, making Pillar the market leader for spoke.

Wheelsmith SS14 Spoke
At Wheelsmith, the focus is on quality. That’s why Wheelsmith spokes have been used by competitors in the Olympics, World Championships, and major stage races on all continents. Today Wheelsmith is known worldwide for a line of spokes whose strength and beauty are unmatched. Quality Wheelsmith spokes build strong and true wheels. Straight 14 gauge (2.0mm) spokes that excels in all applications.

Wheelsmith DB14 Spoke
Wheelsmith’s “DB14” model is a double-butted spoke made from 304 grade stainless steel. It’s dimensions are 2.0mm at each end with a 1.7mm center section, offering an outstanding combination of minimal weight and strength. It features rolled threading. The 1.7mm center diameter makes this spoke slightly lighter than the equivalent spoke from DT Swiss, which has a 1.8mm center diameter. We have found it to be very reliable in MTB disc brake applications. The DB14 is an excellent blend of durability and light weight.

Wheelsmith Alloy Nipple
Wheelsmith nipples are precision forged from high-grade brass or 7000 series aluminum. Their strength is enhanced by forging the spoke wrench flats, keeping them full-width and very uniform. All Wheelsmith aluminum nipples are anodized to guarantee maximum strength and service life.

Pillar Alloy Nipples Pack @ $18 for 36pcs
Pack of 36 alloy spoke nipples available in anodized colours to rad your wheel build up!

Wheelsmith Spoke Prep
The ultimate spoke thread compound is SpokePrep™ because it is both a lubricant and a thread lock! How can it do both? When spoke tension is low and there is risk of loosening, SpokePrep “locks” the nipple by maintaining a minimum nipple torque. When spoke tension is high SpokePrep keeps nipple torque low with Teflon lubrication. We also have SpokePrep in two colors so you can prep your spokes and immediately know on which side of the wheel they will be used.


  1. Aliff said

    Hello. May i know to which store i should go to for wheelbuilding? Also, how much would it cost to build a wheelset, considering i bring my own hubs and rims? Thanks!

    • melvin said

      Hi, you would like to bring it down to our sin ming outlet. Labour to build per rim is at $40.

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