Seatpost: Rail

2013 Atomlab Pimp Seatpost

KS I900R Remote Adjustable Seatpost
An adjustable seat post must be able to take the everyday abuse of mountain biking…it is expected to operate perfectly in the worst of conditions…it needs to be light, durable and affordable! With attention to detail, smart design and a little thinking outside of the box, the new I series seat post satisfies all of these demands.
The innovative anti slop system uses multiple keyways and a roller clutch bearing to eliminate side to side play that plagues the competition. Top quality seals keep the dirt out and hard anodizing ensures all moving parts are smooth and stay that way. With 125mm of infinitely adjustable travel, you can always find the right seat height for the situation and there is no need to double down your seat on even the steepest of descents. At around 500 grams they are the lightest and the most competitively priced of the on the fly height adjustable posts available.
With plenty of real world testing under our belt there is no reason to look any further than the I series posts for your ride…..

Kore Race 2014 I-Beam Seatpost
The new Kore seat post eliminates problems associated with normal metal rail saddles; it is easily adjustable via two pinch bolts and allows for 30 second installations and adjustments. Suitable for I-Beam and regular metal rails.


Thomson Elite Seatpost
The Thomson seatpost design incorporates a bending fuse to prevent catostrophic failure. All other brand seatposts we tested – every one of them – failed in catastrophic failure with the seat and clamp components – and sometimes pieces of the tube and head – flying off in all directions. This type of failure would dump the rider.


Thomson Masterpiece  Seatpost
The Thomson seatpost has a clamp, head, and upper tube strong enough to withstand 350 foot-lbs of torque. The tube will start to yield and bend at the seat tube clamp at about 250 foot-lbs of torque. Remember all brand-x posts we tested flew apart at less than 150 foot-lbs of torque. Under severe impact the Thomson seatpost would bend slightly but would allow the rider to come to a stop or continue the ride. The ride could continue.


Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt Seatpost
Patent pending 1-bolt clamp system makes seat installation and adjustment extremely simple. Loosening one single bolt allows for both fore/aft and tilt adjustments. The rider’s weight is concentrated on the post, not on the clamp. Carbon monocoque construction.

WCS Carbon 1-Bolt

Ritchey WCS Carbon Seatpost
Lightweight monocoque construction. Low profile clamp reduces stress on lightweight saddle rails. Bolts oriented to the axis of the rails for greatest contact area with the saddle. 25mm offset, Textured clamp area eliminates saddle slippage.



  1. Badut said

    Is the KS i900r remote seatpost still available in 30.9? How much?

    • melvin said

      Hi, yes available, do check it out at our sin ming store.

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